mother's day dining data 2019

Nothing says Happy Mother’s day like playing favorites! We pulled stats from $275 million worth of transactions from thousands of restaurants across the US to learn which cities and states spend most dining out on Mother’s Day.

A few takeaways:

  • New Hampshire upped their game – they spent 150% more than average on mom’s special day, higher than any other state.
  • Kentucky’s gonna get grounded. They only spent 1% more on Mother’s Day than they do on an average May weekend. Order mom that extra mimosa this year!
  • Spring, TX spent the most on mom with a whopping $104.62 for their average ticket amount.
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota spent the least amount in total dollars, but since they’re one of the 150 least populated cities in the country, they get a pass.
While some states spent more than others, we did notice that every state spent at least a little bit more on Mother’s Day compared to an average weekend. Way to show some love!

Hover over your state on the map below to see how your state ranks for Mother’s Day sales vs. sales on an average weekend.


The top 10 states had the highest percentage increase on Mother’s Day weekend compared to the rest of the year. The bottom 10 – well, not so much.

Top States for Mother's Day

The top 10 cities treated their mom to a dinner 131-307% more expensive than what they normally spend. The bottom cities were all in the negative. Ouch.

Top Cities for Mother's Day

How does your state stack up? Don’t feel bad if you fell short – there’s plenty of time to make up for it this year. Restaurants can still advertise unique Mother’s Days specials to bump up business, like offering free or discounted meals, handing out special gifts, or hosting a special event. Whatever you decide to do, focus on making moms – and grandmas, aunts, stepmoms, and guardians – feel valued on their special day.

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