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Matt Cormier, Director of Operations at Locals 8 Restaurant Group, and Jonathan Warshauer, General Manager of Plan B in Fairfield, CT use Upserve across 12 locations to manage and train staff, develop a winning menu and keep a close eye on sales.

“As a Director of Operations, I would recommend Upserve to other restaurant groups. I’ve worked in three or four different restaurant groups and this is hands down the easiest to follow, the most intuitive. For me it’s the most rewarding Point of Sale system or data measuring system that I’ve ever used,” Cormier said. “It’s super user-friendly and gives you everything you need. Upserve makes us wildly successful.”

Find out how Upserve Restaurant Management Software helped Cormier and Warshauer build a strong team and improve performance across 12 full-service restaurant locations. 

How Locals 8 Restaurant Group Improves ROI with Upserve from Upserve on Vimeo.

How Locals 8 Uses Upserve Data to Coach Servers Across 12 Locations

“When I was hired, I was asked by the owners to leverage the data from Upserve and use it to help our stores and our operators grow top-line sales,” Cormier explained. “So, I worked with Upserve and we created a system here called the ‘Upserve Olympics.’”

With help from the restaurant group’s Customer Success Manager, Cormier, Warshauer, and the rest of the team at Locals 8 developed a contest that delivered dramatic results in just the first three months.

“We used Upserve to track servers’ turn times and check averages and were able to see month-to-month growth or decline of those numbers,” Warshauer explained.

The team at Locals 8 went all out: managers displayed whiteboards, kept track of the top 10 servers, and used Upserve’s tools to measure success and areas of improvement. “When we saw $18 check average jumps and five-minute table-turn drops in a location, we’d find out what they were doing and share that information with 11 other restaurants,” Cormier said.

This system resulted in an increase in sales of 14%, an increase in covers by 36%, and a jump in guest check average of 31%.

“It became very addictive for people to share what was working and wasn’t working. As a director of operations, using Upserve’s Server Performance tool gave me an opportunity to work with the managers to identify what the top 10 percent was doing and help make the bottom 10 percent better,” said Cormier. “I felt this massive movement. It really got us all talking the same language and moving the same way based on coaching and developing our staff.”


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How Locals 8 Developed a Winning Menu That Keeps Guests Coming Back

“At Locals 8, building relationships with our customers is the foundation of our business. We define success by repeat guests,” Cormier said. “We need to create bonds with people and make them want to come back. Being able to track repeat guest traffic with Upserve, we’re able to track who’s coming in, how often they come in, how often they return, and what they eat. By using Upserve, we get to know our customers very well.”

Using Upserve’s Menu Intelligence tools, the entire team at Locals 8’s restaurants is able to ensure consistency across multiple locations. Because Locals 8 operates in different cities across Connecticut, Cormier understands the importance of taking demographics and their specific needs into consideration.

“Using the Upserve platform, we know what’s working in one restaurant, and know that it may not work in another restaurant,” explained Cormier. 

How Upserve Helps Locals 8’s Goals

For Locals 8, being wildly successful means that guests keep coming back. With help from Upserve, Locals 8 allows the team to anticipate their needs and ensure that they return. From a live feed of the business in the Upserve Live mobile app, to the ease-of-use across multiple locations, the team at Locals 8 has felt the impact of a data-driven system that does the dirty work for them. 

“Upserve makes me more successful by giving me a live feed of the restaurant at all times. I can see exactly what’s going on on the floor, “I don’t have to run down to the office to check certain things. Seeing the numbers allows me to make decisions in the moment and not have to step away from anything to do so,” Warshauer said. 

locals 8 restaurant group upserve pos

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