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Maybe we haven’t invented flying cars like the Jetsons yet, but businesses have certainly found new ways to innovate. From clothing hangers that display real-time “likes” to refrigerator buttons that order a pizza for you, small businesses aren’t letting themselves get left behind in the digital age.  Learn how a pizza POS system can help your business thrive in the future.

1. Dubai Pizza Magnet

Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai gives customers a magnet for their refrigerator that connects wirelessly through bluetooth.

When the customer presses the “Push for Hunger” button on the magnet, their favorite pizza is instantly ordered and a confirmation text is sent to their phone.


2. Waiterless Restaurant

Bagger’s in Nuremberg has removed any chance of waiter miscommunication by using touch screens at tables to replace waiters. According to TrendHunter, “estimated arrival times are communicated and the food and drinks glide down spiral rails when finished.” Does that mean you don’t need to tip?

3. “Like” Button on Clothes Hangers

C&A, a Brazilian clothes retailer has started hanging their clothes on special hangers that have their own “like” buttons. According to CNET, the hangers are networked and update to display Facebook likes in real time.

C&A markets the hangers as having a shopping buddy, or a second opinion. The clothes with lower ratings are for people who want to stand out, and those with higher ratings are for people who follow what’s in style and what’s popular.

4. Flavor Your Own Food

Geschmackslabor in Germany has more than twenty custom-made flavor oils from very hot (peperoncini) to very caffeine (arabica).

When a guest is presented with their food, they’re encouraged to flavor it themselves, although they’re provided with some suggestions.

5. A Full Sensory Experience

Madeleine’s Madteater offers such sensory overload that they ask guests to fast before their meal, which is also something of a theatre show. More than just a meal, the diner show is meant to entertain every sense, so dining in the dark to heighten the senses is common.

Every single one of these ideas can be adapted for your small business. Read more Restaurant Marketing Ideas and Small Business Marketing Solutions for more inspiration.

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