Not taking inventory is like flushing money down the drain.

Food spend is1/3 of the costs of your restaurant. Not having a firm grip on your cost of goods sold by taking inventory means you get a false picture of your restaurant’s health. Then, there’s having your money tied up in perishable items, which eventually go to waste. Not only is restaurant inventory management critical to running your restaurant, it’s critical to your daily processes. 86ing an item in the middle of a dinner rush is an issue directly tied to inconsistency in inventory processes.

There’s no way around it… taking inventory regularly with a proven process is a must for running your business.

But regular inventory is more than just about taking a count. In fact, you can calculate cost of goods sold, which gives you exact numbers. This helps you plan your budget and food spend. You’ll see how much is being used and how quickly. When you take inventory, it almost guarantees you won’t run out of stock and food won’t go to waste. Regular inventory is the most accurate way to get a picture of your restaurant’s health.

restaurant inventory spreadsheet template

Food cost is one of the largest expenses for the restaurant, and one of the most overlooked areas for improvement and control.

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Luckily, taking inventory doesn’t have to be a daunting task that takes up all of your time. Use this spreadsheet to assist with your regular inventory taking.

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