Is your restaurant set up to take online reservations? If not, what are you waiting for? If your restaurant does accept reservations, then you should have the ability to do it online.

When it comes to online reservations, the technology is waiting for you, as is the demand from your guests. There are different options for services out there, so do a bit of research first to figure out which service is right for your restaurant and works smoothly with your existing systems.

On the fence about it?

Here are 3 reasons you need to jump on board the online reservations train.

1- You can take reservations 24/7.

No longer will you be taking reservations during busy dinner shifts, or returning phone calls from messages left during off hours. Thanks to online reservations, your guests can make their reservations when it’s convenient for them. There is also less of a margin for error, and these platforms help maximize the number of people sitting at your tables. They also help you manage waitlists for tables, as well as wait times for walk-ins.

online reservations system

2- You can gather data about your customers.

Online platforms are an opportunity to get customers into your system so you can treat every guest like your most loyal. You can gather data about their preferences, and keep track of information like food allergies or special occasions. You can also target your marketing efforts to them more effectively.

3- You can work less.

And really, isn’t that everyone’s goal? By having an online reservation system, you can spend your time more smartly. Of course, time spent making the actual reservations goes down, but it also makes possible other opportunities that may have previously been too time-consuming. For example, you can automatically send out reminders for reservations, eliminating the need to personally call each person and thus reducing no-shows. You can also automatically send a follow-up email asking for feedback after they’ve dined with you, or a thank you coupon for first-time guests.

Restaurant technology offers so many unique ways to stay connected to your customers and give them the best possible customer service. With so much of your time freed up, you can focus on the things that matter most to you, delivering excellent customer service and delicious food.

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Kristin lives on the West Side of Providence with her wine blogger husband. When she's not co-hosting their monthly wine tastings, she's planning her next travel adventure and daydreaming about Spanish jamón. She can often be found pouring over travel guides at her favorite neighborhood spot, Nick's on Broadway.