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The summer is upon us, but in many places, it doesn’t feel like it’s quite in full swing yet. Maybe you’ve had less than ideal weather, or perhaps guests are waiting to vacation in your town once their kids are out of school.

No matter the reason, if you want to get ready for your busy season we have three tips to get your outdoor bar just right.

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Make sure you have a POS made for bars

It seems a little technical, but having the right point of sale system can be the difference between a good night and a bad night. It needs to be as fast as your quickest bartender, while not taking away from the general vibe of your patio and/or bar. ake sure it’s quick and easy to train new staff members on, as well, so you don’t have any rookies wasting their night trying to input a drink.

Special outside drinks

This can be the place to try out your new restaurant menu ideas! Maybe it’s a special drink you aren’t positive about, or even a few new things to the tapas menu that you’re not quite sure are forever items. You can make a special patio menu and exclusively try it with your outdoor guests. This can also add to whatever vibes you are trying to achieve with your patio and really make it its own entity.

Make it pet-friendly

This one is not as easy of a decision as the others, but very important. Dog owners look to bars with outdoor seating in hopes that they are pet-friendly. With more and more awareness of the dangers of leaving your pet in the car while you run errands (please never do this!), making your outdoors dog-friendly can go a long way with owners. If they are on a walk and find themselves in your neighborhood, that rule can be the difference between zero guests and two guests just like that!

So whether you’re an old hat at outdoor seating or you are opening up for the first time, sometimes you just need a little boost to get ready for the busy season.

If you feel like you have the outdoor seating down, but are having a difficult time keeping people there for more than one drink, we have some tips for you.

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