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pizza on display

Pizza. The go-to classic. The family pleaser. The bad day cure.

While it may not be a specific food trend for 2019, that doesn’t mean this tasty pie is going anywhere anytime soon. With endless opportunities to customize, and always new trendy ways to spruce it up, pizza is going to continue to stay a crowd pleaser.

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But what are the most popular ways to update the classic slice? With gluten-free still a thing, and vegan being a more common way of eating healthy – does your shop need new restaurant menu ideas ASAP?

You might, if you don’t offer premium ways of upgrading guests’ weekend treat. But it depends on who your guests really are.

Cauliflower Crust

Your guests may be looking for a healthier alternative to traditional pizza crust and cauliflower crust is the hot new alternative! Not only is it a health conscious alternative, but it is also gluten free. Cauliflower crust recipes have been popping up all over the internet and the trend does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Offering health conscious, gluten free alternatives like cauliflower crust could be a great unique option to add to your pizza menu!

Pizza Trends 2019 - Cauliflower Crust

CBD-Infused Pizza

CBD (Cannabidiol) has had a meteoric rise in the past year, in fact, Upserve found that CBD menu items increased 99% in 2018. CBD is a known reliever of anxiety, insomnia, seizures, spasms and other conditions without the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. As if pizza wasn’t good enough on it’s own, combining it with CBD has been proven to make it even more of a treat. Spinelli’s Pizza in Tempe, Arizona got a ton of buzz for introducing CBD-infused pizza and cocktails to their menu, and we’re sure there’s much more to come in 2019.

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Detroit-Style Pizza

Chicago-style deep dish pizza it’s time to move over, Detroit-style pizza is now the new thing! Detroit-style pizza is rectangular shaped pizza with a thick, crisp crust topped with traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni or sausage. The popular rectangular pizza has begun to pop up in areas other then Detroit and so far has been a huge hit!

Pizza Trends 2018-Detroit Pizza

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Non-Tomato Based Sauces

Some trends don’t change and people’s willingness to try unique sauces on their pizzas is one trend that is here to stay. Whether it is to satisfy their tastebuds or garner likes on social media, people are still clamoring to get their hands on fun pizzas with non-tomato based sauces. Some unique sauces ideas include Alfredo sauce, olive tapenade, or a drizzle of ranch on top! Not ready to be that adventurous yet? Adding a pizza that is topped with pesto or barbecue sauce on your menu is still a fun alternative to tomato based sauces!

Pizza Trends 2019 - Barbecue Sauce Pizza

Unique Toppings

Move over cheese pizza, unique and adventurous pizza toppings are here to stay. Mix up your traditional pizzas by adding some non-traditional toppings to them. Whether changing up your toppings means adding avocado to your pizza or adding a chicken quesadilla pizza to your menu, people are itching to try pizzas that have uncommon toppings. Looking for some topping ideas? Try adding different kinds of pastas, like mac and cheese or tortellini, to the top of your pizzas!

Pizza Trends 2018 - Pasta Pizza

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