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Loyalty Marketing: Simple, powerful, trackable

The Challenge: Boost Customer Loyalty and Grow Sales

Owners Matthew Guelke and Mark Lewis left the technology industry to open The Plant in 2005, bringing fast, healthy, organic and reasonably priced food to the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, the popular organic restaurant has six locations and is serving more customers every day. As they build The Plant’s following, the owners wanted a way to reward customers and keep them coming back.


The Solution: Switching to Upserve

The Plant joined Upserve to get a cafe POS system that could accept payments, understand customers and grow revenue from one simple system. They get a variety of actionable customer insights from Upserve every day, and launched a custom, branded loyalty program quickly without additional work. The program now has more than 1,000 members who have spent more than $455,500. And Matthew and Mark can count on that value, because Upserve shows them that their loyalty program members come in an average of 20 times each year!

The Benefits

  • Simple: the consumer’s credit or debit card becomes their rewards card
  • Fast: consumers enroll quickly from their mobile phone
  • Automatic: consumers automatically earn rewards without staff doing more
  • Free: no new costs and comes free as part of the Upserve platform

“Nearly 60% of The Plant’s customers who discovered the loyalty program signed up on the spot!”

How It Works

The Plant seamlessly switched from their old payment processor to Upserve in just one week and without any new hardware, downtime or interruption to business. From there, they worked with their Upserve Success Manager to quickly launch their custom loyalty program.


The Easy Process

Upserve builds your loyalty program – 1 day

Together, we create your First Purchase Offer and Ongoing Rewards Offer

You choose your text-to-join code: “Text “Your Unique Word” to 80777 for cash back!

Upserve designs your loyalty website and mobile site

Promote Your Loyalty Program For Free- 1 week

  • Upserve designs, prints and ships free branded signage for you to place in store
  • You invite consumers to join the program by placing the link to your loyalty site on your Facebook page, Twitter, e-newsletters, blog & website
  • You program your register receipt with the text-to-join invitation

Measure New Sales & Engage Consumers! -5 min / wk

  • Upserve analyzes your loyalty program performance and sends you a weekly update
  • You see exactly how new vs. repeat customers impact sales
  • You can communicate with any loyalty member at any time using email

How Consumers Enroll

  • Discover Program on Signs & Receipts
  • Enroll by Texting or on the Web

The Result: Happy, Loyal Customers & Higher Sales

The Plant now has a one-stop-shop to:

  • Understand customers in new ways and track visits, spend and sales
  • Launch, grow and measure a loyalty program that keeps customers connected
  • Access US-based 24/7/365 customer support from a dedicated Success Manager

Their customers feel special and are incentivized to come back. As they earn cash back, Upserve automatically credits their card. Loyalty members see their rewards every time they look at their credit card statement.

“82% of customers interested in rewards opted in to receive messages from The Plant, adding 600+ new email addresses to their database.”

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