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Last year was the first time in restaurant history that spending on dining out surpassed that of buying groceries.

Can you say “pass the menu?”

This year, The National Restaurant Association forecasts over $782 billion in restaurant sales. But it won’t be spread out equally throughout the year.

Every business has a busy season and a slow season – and it’s usually very predictable. But lucky for you, seasonal lows and highs in the restaurant industry can vary based on many factors: from the weather to each individual holiday in the year.

It’s time to take a look at how your restaurant is impacted, and make a plan for year-round success.

What You Need To Know About Restaurant Sales…

When it comes to seasonal factors, there are a ton that can impact your restaurant’s sales – for better or for worse.

Over 60% of restaurants notice a dip in guests during seasonal events.

Where do restaurant sales spike during the year and how can a restaurateur plan for that?

At the end of the day, you can develop the perfect menu and reach every potential guest with the best marketing campaign around… but you can’t change seasonality.In times of struggle, even the best of restaurateurs can feel desperate and turn to gimmicks and “hacks” to keep the doors open.

But here’s a secret: paying attention to seasonality and the impact on your business is the easiest way to avoid all of that and remain successful all year long.

… And How To Plan For Seasonality

While you can’t predict the weather, you can plan for seasonality when it comes to your staff, menu and operations. Which is exactly why we’ve just published The Restaurant Owner’s Guide To Seasonality. Inside, we explore how to forecast your sales and set your restaurant up for success, no matter what time of the year. restaurant seasonality ebook

Whether you manage 1 or 100 locations, this is your complete guide to how the best restaurants deal with seasonality and how to build your own successful strategy.

This guide covers:

  • How changes in the season can impact your restaurant
  • A strategy for seasonality and staffing, menu and sales
  • How to plan for success no matter the season


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Seasonality is one food trend you can put your money behind - seasonal menus see 26% more orders, after all. Learn the ins and outs.

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