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As Primp grappled with continued, swift growth, they wanted a better way to track repeat and most valuable customers, helping to create a customer loyalty program and determine the most profitable locations for new stores.

Appealing to Millennial and young professional women who want a custom, high-end customer experience without the price tag often required in order to look chic, women’s fashion boutique Primp has grown to six locations throughout the Twin Cities in less than three years.

As the company’s co-owners, Wesley Uthus and Michelle Gudmundson, grappled with the continued, swift growth of their company, they wanted a better way to track repeat and most valuable customers, helping with customer retention by creating a customer loyalty program and determine the most profitable locations for new stores.

Understanding Customers


In the early phases of the company’s growth, Primp used Intuit QuickBooks for their POS system, but the system fell far short of the company’s needs to track customer purchases in detail. Recalls Uthus,

“When we had one store, and even when we had two stores, QuickBooks worked fine. But about two and half years into our business, we had just outgrown the system. We really needed a better way to track our customers and collect customer information for a loyalty program. That’s when we found Upserve”

Since completely changing their inventory and credit card processing structure thanks to Upserve, Primp now has all the information it needs about their customers—at their fingertips. “Being a small, quickly growing business, having granular, actionable information makes a huge difference on a daily basis,” says Uthus. “With Upserve, we can see real-time information about all six of our stores overall or drill down into each store for more detail, viewing the number of repeat and new customers, what they purchased, and how much they spent—and make better decisions based on this data.”

“Upserve is business-changing for us.”

Better Technology = Better Decisions


More than anything, says Gudmonson, Upserve has opened up their eyes to the ratio of new versus repeat customers. “We didn’t have any idea about new versus repeat customers before using Upserve. We could guess and base it on people that we recognized, but it was a shot in the dark. And that’s a little scary when you’re trying to expand and grow,” notes Gudmonson.

As Uthus adds, “When you go back to our core concept, which is providing a top-notch customer experience, this ratio is really important. If people aren’t coming back, then we’re not providing that experience. Upserve has helped us see if we are really delivering what we promise to our customers.”

Building A Better Business Week by Week

In addition to giving the company a better handle on their repeat versus new customer ratio, Upserve also helps Primp understand week-over-week store performance and what’s driving sales to grow their business.

“The weekly emails from Upserve really put it into perspective and force us to analyze: ‘What happened last week?’ ‘What were temperatures like?’ ‘Does a surge correlate to a Facebook post or promotion?”

What’s more, by sharing the weekly store performance information from Upserve with individual store managers, Wesley and Gudmonson have been able to some stoke competitive flames, improving the company’s recurring customer numbers and increasing revenues at the same time.

“I think it creates a little competitiveness in all of us when we see, ‘Oh, that other store did more than mine did last week,’” notes Gudmonson. “And it’s not a reaction that comes a few days or a few weeks later; it’s instant. We’ll see a surge of social media posts and event notices by different stores just to make sure they aren’t the lowest on the totem pole in sales!”

More Effective Staffing

According to Uthus, Upserve has enabled Primp to have a better grasp on everything from knowing who their most valuable customers are and what they’re buying, to staffing stores more strategically and pinpointing potential new store locations. “Upserve allows us to see the busiest as well as the quietest times in each of our stores, enabling us to staff more effectively. We can also see the impact of weather and marketing, such as social media promotions, on store traffic, which also helps us create better store staffing plans,” she says. “And tracking our newest store’s repeat versus new customer ratio will really impact where we to open our next store. We couldn’t do that without Upserve.”

With aggressive plans to continue opening more physical stores and creating an online presence in the next year, closely tracking customer information in a loyalty program is important for Primp. Concludes Uthus, “We’ve been so busy opening three stores since March of this year that it took our attention away from our initial loyalty program plans, but once we get going on that, we know that it’s going to be a key component of our brand promise—and that’s all due to Upserve.”

More About Primp

Our customers influence us the most when buying. We love customer recommendations and our stylists always keep us informed with what people are shopping for. We also stay up to date with what is happening in New York and LA so we can sprinkle in a few super-trendy pieces here and there. We always want Primp to be a place you can find a style you can ‘just try’ without the financial commitment.

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