2019 Product Lookback

In 2019 we committed to building innovative, best-in-class solutions that empower owners to scale profitability, provide insights that deliver ROI, and keep guests returning for more. It was an exciting year full of new hardware solutions like Upserve Tableside POS, as well as time-saving solutions like Upserve Workforce. 

Upserve also introduced several game-changing partnerships, like OpenTable, TableUp, Gusto, and Bite, to continue delivering integrations to our customers that help make their restaurants wildly successful. 

Our Secret Ingredient to Boosting Profits: Upserve Tableside 

2019 Product Lookback Tableside

In April, we delivered the most compact mobile POS device in the industry with a 5-inch screen made to fit comfortably in the palm of a server’s hand. Tableside allows Upserve customers to deliver food and beverages to guests 50% faster. Servers can take orders, fire tickets, and accept payments without ever having to leave their section. 

“We saw a huge improvement in guest service with Tableside. Errors to the kitchen were reduced, we turned tables faster and servers were able to spend more time with guests and less time at the POS station. It’s fast and convenient for both staff and guests.”

Andre Ruiz – Viva Mexico Cantina in Providence, RI

Tableside is all about delivering fast, top-notch hospitality with menu details and 86’d items always at the servers’ fingertips. This results in more rounds served, and overall higher check averages, sales, and tips. 

This new addition to the Upserve POS product line delivers more flexibility, allowing servers to: 

  • Speed up service, spend more time with guests, and increase the number of table-turns. 
  • Use one hand, allowing for better multitasking capabilities.
  • Enjoy a smaller screen that has been tailored to create optimal, easy-to-use workflows.
  • Swipe and tap payments with a fully integrated EMV so guests can pay right at the table.

Scheduling Made Easy with Upserve Workforce 

2019 Product Lookback Workforce

Upserve Workforce, released in April, provides restaurateurs and managers the ability to efficiently create, modify, and publish staff schedules, while also giving employees the convenience to view their schedules right on their phone or via email. 

“These new industry-leading products align directly with our mission of making restaurants wildly successful. We take customer feedback seriously, and I’m proud that Upserve is the first and only solution in the industry to offer labor management tools alongside inventory, data analysis, and a line of cutting-edge hardware POS options.”

Sheryl Hoskins – Upserve CEO

Upserve is the first to offer a scheduling solution as part of our comprehensive restaurant management suite at no additional cost. Workforce saves hours of time, closely tracks labor costs, and streamlines communications to your staff – all in the same Upserve platform customers use to manage sales, inventory, marketing, and menu trends. 

Grow Revenue and Reach New Guests with Upserve Gift Cards 

2019 Product Lookback Gift Cards

Just in time for the holidays, we introduced Upserve Gift Cards so our customers could grow their revenue and reach new guests. Upserve Gift Cards integrates directly into Upserve POS, making it easier than ever for customers to get started. 

Why do our customers love Upserve Gift Cards? 

  • No transaction or hidden fees
  • Customized to their unique branding 
  • Complimentary design assistance
  • U.S. manufacturing for quick turnarounds 
  • Merchandising and display options available 

Better Together: New Upserve Partners

2019 Product Lookback Integrations   

Elevating data-driven hospitality with OpenTable 

Our partnership with OpenTable is the first integration of its kind, leveraging unique guest preferences and reservation history to help restaurants to create custom dining experiences and provide the highest level of hospitality.

  • Easy-to-Access Diner Insights: Servers can view diner insights, such as dining preferences and dietary restrictions, while on the floor to deliver enhanced in-service hospitality.
  • Improved Shift Preparation: Guest and reservation details enhance daily shift prep reports from Upserve to help staff better anticipate guest needs.
  • Automatic Check Creation: Checks can automatically be created in POS systems when a guest arrives to the host stand, streamlining the process and communication across restaurant staff.
  • Real-time table status: Hosts using GuestCenter know the progress of every table in real-time without having to look in the POS or scan tables.

“With the integration, I’ve been able to pinpoint our peaks and where our weaknesses are per restaurant, per hour. I think another really helpful thing between the Upserve and OpenTable integration is what we’re able to see our guests spend and why – if our check average goes up – what is causing this? Is it a new seasonal menu? Is it that we’re just not studying as much.”

Boris Nemchenok – Fiorella, Uva Enoteca, & Violet’s in San Francisco

Simplify payroll, benefits, and HR for restaurants with Gusto 

In December we partnered with Gusto, allowing customers to streamline and simplify restaurant payroll and HR tasks. This integration syncs employee time and attendance data directly from the Upserve platform to Gusto Payroll, saving hours on administrative work. 

With Upserve and Gusto, our customers can: 

  • Pay employees and contractors
  • Manage PTO
  • Set up health insurance, and 401k 
  • Automate tax filings for local, state, and federal taxes

Spend less time processing payments with Rooam 

Especially popular with our high volume bar and venue customers is our new integration with Rooam. Rooam allows guests to open tabs, cash themselves out, and add tips right on the Rooam app without ever having to wait for the server. This partnership allows staff to spend less time at the POS processing payments and more time serving guests. Bars and venues typically see an increased spend of 35-40% per guest and restaurants see a 20-25% increase in revenue due to improved speed of service.

Acquire, engage, and retain guests with TableUp 

Upserve and TableUp combined forces last year to help restaurants provide a loyalty and marketing program that acquires, engages, and retains guests. Restaurants can offer loyalty rewards based on guests’ spend or by menu item and then determine rewards through cashback or percent discount options. This integration allows restaurants to gather a 360-degree view of guests, track their spend by item, and then leverage this information to send and track targeted marketing campaigns through push notifications, email, and SMS, driving repeat visits with measurable ROI. 

Drive up average check size and drive down labor costs with Bite

Bite Kiosk provides guests with another convenient way of placing orders while integrating directly into Upserve POS, allowing fast casual and QSRs to drive up average check size and drive down labor costs. Facial recognition technology helps recall regulars and makes re-ordering even easier. The guest and ordering data drives Bite’s machine learning algorithm, offering guest’s customized recommendations, without disrupting operations with orders from the kiosk flowing right into Upserve POS. 

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Erin is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Upserve where she works in tandem with the product, sales, and customer support teams to launch new products and solutions to Upserve’s restaurant partners while maintaining a close eye on the restaurant technology market.