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When you manage the social media strategy for your business, your ultimate goal is engagement (ultimately building customer loyalty). The number of social media “fans” shows you that people like you, they really like you. The number of comments says that you're interesting and interested. So how can you build a social media strategy (whether it's for your business or restaurant social media) that drives engagement?

Looking for the basics of restaurant social media and Facebook marketing for your restaurants, not necessarily examples from the pros? Check this out. 

Learning From The Social Media Pros

We've been watching lately as some big brands have been able to conjure up social media engagement with hundreds to thousands of Facebook comments based on simple questions. Most successful questions hone in on the need that humans have for expressing their opinions.

Refer to the following examples when you're looking for some experiments to clone and test on Facebook and your small business or restaurant marketing strategy.

1. Forever 21 asks a question that gets people to weigh in their unique styling opinions. 

Forever 21 social media strategy

Almost seven thousand likes, 125 shares and 519 comments prove that these fans have an opinion to share. For Forever 21 or any boutique clothing store, this strategy can be repeated over and over.

2. Design Milk combines design geekery with the next best kind—food geekery.

Design Milk social media strategy

Every designer has their favorite Pantone colors, so Design Milk posted this photo and tugged on the belly-strings of more than two-thousand fans who liked, shared and commented when they asked “what would be your favorite flavor”? If you're a design-savvy shop or a creative bakery working on themed projects, test this strategy in your own timeline.

3. Etsy asks a simple question face to face.

Etsy Social media strategy

The fact that this strategy could be considered daring goes to show you how far social media has taken us. In an “untraditional” effort, Etsy's admin takes a photo of himself asking a pretty basic question, “what is your favorite fruit?” More than 1,400 comments later, we find that people enjoy seeing the person behind the curtain.

Restaurant Marketing Tips For Your Social Media Strategy

Even with hundreds, sometimes thousands of comments, these brands barely see a 1% engagement rate on their posts. So, for those who worry about not getting a ton of comments on your posts, if you have a thousand followers and ten comments on a post, you're actually be getting a better response than these huge brands with thousands to millions of followers.

To increase those odds, try testing different social media strategy formulas with your fans.

Here are eight tips you can use to get more comments on Facebook:

  1. Start controversy (not in a brand-demolishing way) that gets people riled up enough to leave their thoughts.
  2. Ask a question that lets people show their personal style or preferences, like a favorite vacation spot, author, book, etc.
  3. Combine your niche with another popular niche to form a question (like cookies and Pantone colors).
  4. Make your questions easy and top-of-mind, even a good contest will lower responses when you ask people to dig too deep for answers.
  5. Just want to boost likes on a post? Post one of those popular “quote” graphics and ask people to “like” if they agree, or do it like Teavana does.
  6. Use your right to “poll” about anything from menu changes to what people think the weather will be like tomorrow.
  7. Ask people to share stories around a topic. If you get a response, use the same formula again and again with different topics.
  8. Ask people to fill in the ______________.

Looking for more restaurant social media tips? Check out lessons on Facebook marketing for restaurants. 

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