How to Turn Your Restaurant Data Into More Reservations and Higher Revenue

Running a restaurant that is fully booked every night with high-spending diners is the goal of any restaurant owner or manager. Being so in-demand that customers want to hold their place with a reservation means you’re providing a remarkable dining experience. But beyond just holding a table, there’s so much more you can do when you leverage the data from your reservation management system and POS.

Reservations Drive Increased Revenue and More Return Customers

Our data science team compared customers who leverage data from their Upserve and OpenTable integration against the rest of the industry. These insights pay off – for servers, for your reputation, and for the business’ bottom line.

Restaurants using the Upserve + OpenTable integration see:

  • A 1/4 higher star rating on major review sites, boosting their reputation above the competition.
  • Nearly 3% higher tip averages – and happy servers are less likely to turnover.
  • A 2% increase in repeat customers, who spend up to 67% more than other diners.

Putting Your Restaurant Data to Work During Service

When reservation and guest information is available at every point of service, you’re able to automate complicated tasks and put valuable guest insights to use that would otherwise get lost in the process.

Use guest spend data to increase revenue

Are your check averages lower than normal? Without comprehensive data, the source of the problem is difficult to pin down and can cause you to lose out on revenue.

Create more customer advocates through your guest experience

You can’t remember everyone’s favorite dish or preferred table, even if they are a regular visitor. Insights from Upserve + OpenTable help you treat all repeat guests – whether they come twice a year or twice a week – like VIPs.

Make your restaurant a special occasion destination

When guests make a reservation they can inform your staff ahead of time whether or not they are celebrating something special. GuestCenter even keeps track of notable dates like birthdays or anniversaries that have been provided to OpenTable by diners.

Better manage your operations with table turn insights

The more a guest visits your restaurant, the more you’ll learn about their habits and preferences. OpenTable’s table status automation helps your host know which tables are taking longer and which are about the turn.

Download the Upserve & OpenTable ebook to see more stats and insights on reservations, revenue, customer retention, and more.

The data from your restaurant POS system and reservation management platform is a powerful tool that helps retain customers and increase revenue. Learn how by downloading the Upserve + OpenTable ebook.

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Stephanie Resendes

Stephanie is a Providence, RI native and eight-year food industry veteran. As Upserve's Content Marketing Coordinator she creates materials that help restaurateurs, managers, and service professionals succeed. When she's not writing, Stephanie is most likely traveling, cooking, or trying new restaurants.

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