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Colleen Simon, Director of Operations at Homegrown Hospitality Group, shared why the 23-location restaurant group switched from Aloha to Upserve POS:

  • Access to data 24/7 on a cloud-based platform
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on hardware 
  • Increased operational efficiency and raise morale

Like many people in the restaurant industry, Colleen Simon at Homegrown Hospitality wears many hats. From operations to human resources, the Chief Operating Officer is invested in multiple areas of the business, including managing the restaurant group’s technology. 

Entering the group’s 35th year in business, it was time for Homegrown Hospitality to reevaluate their restaurant technology. After Aloha required expensive system upgrades the 23-location restaurant group was left with a choice: spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on software and hardware upgrades for an out-dated system, or make the move to the cloud?

Find out why the team at Homegrown Hospitality made the decision to switch to Upserve Restaurant POS, leaving their old legacy system in the dust.

Why Upserve’s Cloud-Based Technology Won Homegrown Hospitality’s Heart

“We were using Aloha for 34 years and it was painful. Aloha is not a cloud-based system. Anytime any sort of update needed to be made, the master terminal needed to be reset. In our concepts, that was very difficult,” Simon explained. “Working with Aloha’s difficulties was the main reason we made the decision to switch to Upserve. The software needed to be upgraded, but that hardware that we had wouldn’t support the new software, so we should have had to swap out the hardware, as well.”

When it came down to decision time, the team at Homegrown Hospitality knew that they couldn’t stick with a legacy system and began to explore new options.

“That was pretty much the breaking point: we needed to upgrade, but it would have cost us several hundred thousand dollars,” Simon explained. “So we decided to source something new. The functionality and capability of Upserve won us over.

With a variety of concepts that require a specific set of features, Simon and her team at Homegrown felt held back by their old legacy point-of-sale. “Our restaurants are chef-driven, so we have specials that change every day. We need to add buttons every day. We change pricing every day. Having to stop and reset all the terminals because it’s not instantaneous was a headache.”

By switching to Upserve, not only were complex tasks made simple with a cloud-based system, the team at Homegrown Hospitality got back one of the rarest commodities in the restaurant industry: time

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How Upserve Helped the Homegrown Hospitality Team Save Hundreds of Hours Every Week 

Restaurateurs familiar with legacy systems like Micros or Aloha are well-versed in the ongoing issues that restaurants face: data loss, expensive support, and thousand-dollar upgrades. For the team at Homegrown, a system that everyone was familiar with wasn’t worth the loss in productivity for the group’s 1,200 employees.

“The system would crash nonstop, credit cards wouldn’t spool, and data would be lost. Our IT department would spend numerous hours a week just trying to recover data and our partners at NCR who support Aloha weren’t as helpful as we would have liked,” Simon explained. “With Upserve, there’s no refreshing of terminals, no data loss. Our management teams got back 75% of their time during closing and checkouts. When someone needs a button made, a price change, new display group or a modifier, it’s a matter of seconds before those items are added and it’s ready to go.” 

Comforted by a 24/7 support team that can remotely address issues and solve problems, Simon knows the change has impacted more than just management. From IT to the front of house staff, the entire team at Homegrown feels the effects of switching to a cloud-based system. “It saves so much time. It’s very speedy and we’re not holding up our guests when food orders are being placed.”

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An Increase in Morale Through Operational Efficiency

Switching to Upserve is by far the best decision that we’ve ever made in this group. It’s real-time data. It’s fast. It’s efficient. From the top-down, everybody realizes that,” Simon explains. “It’s hard to make changes like this, but when everyone started to see that the efficiency and speed in which we were experiencing once Upserve was rolled out, it has made all the difference. Morale is a lot higher and it’s been a big win for us.

By opting for a system that doesn’t require pricey upgrades and ongoing resets, the team at Homegrown Hospitality streamlined operations and increased efficiency with help from a point of sale that works smarter, not harder.

“Cloud-based is the way to go in the restaurant industry.”

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