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As a restaurateur, you are always on the lookout for information and inspiration to stay up on restaurant industry trends, unique restaurant ideas, or how to become a restaurant owner in the first place. The internet is full of resources, but they can be overwhelming to sift through.

What are some of the top restaurant trade magazines out there?

7 restaurant industry magazines to put on your reading list.

Nation’s Restaurant News


The NRN has one the largest editorial staffs among top restaurant magazines and creates exclusive content for the foodservice industry. Their articles focus on the business of running a successful restaurant and include valuable information about new technology trends in the industry.

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Restaurant Business


While this magazine is geared more for larger restaurants and chains, it is a good resource for staying up to date on restaurant trends and new technology. Restaurant Business says its focus is “on entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth.” Their staff writes about frequently about new concepts, consumer tastes, and industry best practices.


Modern Restaurant Management


Modern Restaurant Management’s mission, as stated on their Twitter, is “to be the go-to resource for on-the-go restaurant-industry professionals.” The magazine covers everything from operations and finance, to design and restaurant marketing. Plus, they mix their own editorial with a wide array of guest features from the industry, so you can stay well-informed.


Cherry Bombe


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A biannual independent magazine, Cherry Bombe celebrates all things women and food. Each issue features women making an impact in the food industry through profiles, interviews with chefs, food stylists, and photographers. This magazine is a feast for the eyes and delivers a healthy dose of inspiration.


Food Network Magazine


This may not seem like an industry magazine, but it is helpful in staying up to date on what your guests are seeing in their homes each night on TV. People who watch TV about food are often dining out more and are eager to try what they’re seeing. Obviously, this magazine is not for recipe ideas, but more about being informed on your guest. For example, if they’re suddenly seeing a lot of delicious looking octopus recipes, they may be ready to finally try some octopus.


Food and Wine Magazine


Similar to Food Network Magazine, this magazine gives you insight into the type of content your guests are being exposed to and goes beyond just food. This magazine writes about food, but also wine and restaurants that are making the news. The more you know about what content your guests are consuming, the more you can exceed their expectations.  

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Providence Monthly


Ok, this one is really just for those of us in Rhode Island, but you should find the equivalent where you live. What local magazine do you find in doorways around your city? Pick it up and keep up to date on other restaurants in your area, as well as local festivals and events that may impact your neighborhood. Since these types of local magazines are not just about food, you’ll also hear about what’s going on locally in terms of politics, culture, and tourism, which can impact your business. These hyper-local magazines are also helpful to see which of your competitors may be advertising or getting editorial coverage.

Do you have a favorite magazine that’s become part of your daily routine? Let us know what’s on your must-read list.

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Kristin lives on the West Side of Providence with her wine blogger husband. When she's not co-hosting their monthly wine tastings, she's planning her next travel adventure and daydreaming about Spanish jamón. She can often be found pouring over travel guides at her favorite neighborhood spot, Nick's on Broadway.