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If your restaurant is located in a major metropolitan area, then you likely have the opportunity to participate in your city’s Restaurant Week. As a restaurateur, it’s never too early to start thinking about the restaurant marketing strategies you’ll use to make the most out of these promotional events.

If you missed out on the Restaurant Week in your city, want to make the most out of an upcoming Restaurant Week, or are hoping to have a more profitable Restaurant Week next time around, then put the next Restaurant Week on your calendar and take note of these quick tips.

1- Have A Restaurant Menu Idea

Your menu is the essence of your restaurant brand. Make sure that your restaurant menu ideas for Restaurant Week give all guests a taste of what they will get if they become regulars or use the event as an opportunity to spice things up. A creative restaurant menu would be lauded by the eager foodies who consider Restaurant Week a holiday. And what is a holiday without a themed menu and festive drink options?

restaurant week menu ideas

2- Keep Your Customers Informed

Participating in a Restaurant Week means that your establishment will be automatically be added to the list of participating restaurants, which may be published online or in local newspapers.

However, you want to find your own way to communicate with customers who are looking for a good Restaurant Week experience. This means you need to make sure your customers know what they’re signing up for by including specific information about the Restaurant Week promotion. Some restaurants offer a dinner price that does not include wine, other restaurants will include wine selections in the cost of the meal. To avoid any awkward questions or angry diners make sure your customers know about these (or any other) dining stipulations beforehand. Reaching out to customers is easy if your restaurant marketing strategy includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a website, or even a sidewalk sign.

3- Prep The Staff

The good news is that restaurants get busy during Restaurant Weeks; however, this can be bad news if your staff hasn’t been properly prepared. Due to the discounts offered by restaurants during these weeks, there is a wider range of customers that may come to your restaurant. Restaurant management should be prepared to handle seating challenges and dietary restrictions for any group of diners. Similarly, the wait staff should be educated on the promotions and any Restaurant Week menu changes. This calls for prep, prep, prep. Just because a restaurant is offering discount-level pricing doesn’t mean diners will accept discount-level service; remember, these could become full-price paying customers if they have a good experience.

4- Bring Your A-Game

Restaurant Weeks are a great time to introduce your restaurant to a new customer and gain regulars. The best restaurant loyalty programs are organic. Now is your chance to put your best foot forward knowing that many customers will dine at more than one restaurant during Restaurant Week. Going the extra mile may ensure that your restaurant is remembered and revisited.

5- Measure and Evaluate

Get as many Restaurant Week metrics as you can. What was the best-selling dish? What was the best-selling drink? Which servers are being the most productive? What time are the most customers coming in? It’s easier than ever to access these metrics with a good restaurant POS system and it is the best way to continue the practices that have proven to be the most successful.

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Quinn Massaroni is a Rhode Island-based freelance writer, graduate student, and daily eater. Her ideal meal would start off with calamari from Druthers in her hometown of Albany, New York, followed by borscht from Cafe Pushkin in Moscow, dessert from Baked Bear in San Diego, and would finish with a margarita on the Salvation Taco rooftop in New York City.