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Leather bound wine lists with pages and pages of bottles to pour over may have a mystery of romance to them, but they can also be intimidating to the average wine drinker.

How Restaurants Leverage the Advantages of Digital Wine Lists.

Digital wine lists are often an iPad that can be brought to a table where diners can see your wine inventory and search for wine in different ways. Perhaps some diners want to search by grape, others by appellation and others by style. No matter the preference, diners can search however they are most comfortable and find the perfect bottle of wine.

1. An up-to-date wine list

Probably the best feature from an operations point of view, a digital wine list can update your wine cellar in real time, helping manage restaurant inventory more efficiently. No one will be disappointed you sold the last bottle after they spent 15 minutes perusing your list, they’ll only be seeing bottles that are available.

2. Educated customers

The more information about the wine available that you can give your guests, the more wine you’ll sell. You can store a lot more information in an iPad than you can in your server’s head. A well-trained staff is always critical to help guide your guests. Guests being able to get descriptions, tasting notes and pairing suggestions for every option available is priceless, however.

Wine- ordered from a digital wine list

3. Data and restaurant analytics

Digital wine lists capture data about what people are ordering at your restaurant, and when it’s being ordered. With this data you can see restaurant trends about what you’re selling. This information helps with inventory of existing wine, but also helps you make educated decisions on which new wines to bring in.

4. Suggestive selling gets easier.

Many digital wine lists have features for adding suggested pairings for dishes on your menu, and also have opportunities to feature a wine or offer a special price on another.

5. Operation expenses go down.

There is definitely an upfront investment in the hardware but it should pay for itself over time. Keeping a paper wine list up to date requires logistical tasks that cost time and money. You have to pay someone to physically update the list with the real time inventory, and pay them get that information onto physical paper. The less time in your office, more time in your restaurant.

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