Restaurant POS systems are pervading all types of establishments, from popular chain restaurants to high-end dining, and seemingly everywhere in between. But one of the questions we hear most in our travels is, “I run a __________ type of restaurant – is a restaurant POS system right for me?”

We understand the hesitation – buying a restaurant POS system is not a decision to make lightly. But no matter what type of dining facility you have, a customized POS can improve productivity, performance and efficiency, so you can focus on the menu, not the books.

Don’t believe us? Read on…

Quick service restaurants

Chances are, you’ve seen point of sale systems for restaurants employed at fast food chains, which makes a ton of sense, since these menus are typically combo-driven, and easily memorized, so people can make quick choices and be on their way. Even for establishments that experience a lot of customized orders, allowing guests to control the ordering process only serves to speed up and already speedy process.

Restaurant POS inside bar

So, why shouldn’t your bakery or bagel shop enjoy the same benefits? Maybe you don’t have golden arches or gold-lined pockets, but a basic POS system can still provide the efficiency you need to give your staff more time making and delivering food, rather than explaining a custom order 3-4 times.

With quick, effortless ordering, and even access to deals and coupons at their fingertips, your burgeoning restaurant will rapidly improve turnaround time, which will only encourage guests to come back early and often.

Coffee houses and delicatessens

Though these are technically also “quick service” restaurants, we all know coffee shops and delis are faced with highly specific orders, and potentially long wait times. And of course, we all know the jokes about Starbucks getting names wrong – no need to revisit that tired old gag.

Jokes aside, coffee shop POS systems can make the difference between seamless ordering of specific beverage combinations, and a 10-person logjam of frustration waiting at the pickup counter. By presenting ordering options in succession, and allowing guests to craft their ideal lattes, much of the chaos behind the counter is resolved. This not only creates happy customers, but also dramatically reduces the waste created by remaking drinks several times per order.

Smiling waiter serving a coffee to a customer at the coffee shop

Delis are also an interesting target, as they have to serve as a butcher shop, sandwich shop and more – often to the same guest. Instead of building a line full of impatient customers, a POS presented at the beginning of the line will allow people to build a complete order, from party subs to pounds of pasta salad.

The staff can then work together to build the order as the line moves, rather than doing it all at once when the guest’s number is called. This isn’t just better for moving customers along, but also makes things less frantic behind the counter.

These are just two examples of how restaurant POS systems can be implemented into atypical restaurants.

But you can easily substitute the terms “bakery,” “taco stand,” or “ice cream truck” into the equation and see similar results. The possibilities of a POS system are endless, and the barrier to entry has never been smaller.

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