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Restaurants have a lot to love about Valentine’s Day. According to a restaurant sales forecast report released by restaurant management platform Upserve, it’s a chance to kiss a slow sales month goodbye.

Sales from thousands of restaurants across the country over 2017 indicate Valentine’s Day is the first real sales opportunity after the slowest month of a restaurant’s entire year.


While restaurants and bars can see a sales boost on Feb. 14, it’s actually the Saturday after Valentine’s Day that historically gets the most love, with combined beer, wine and liquor sales jumping 37 percent, and food sales increasing 40 percent.

It’s not just a top performing holiday for the first quarter, but potentially for the entire year, with 2017 data indicating that Valentine’s Day wine sales are second only to Mother’s Day.

Wine Sales by Holiday by Upserve

The Northeast region can attribute its highest food, wine and liquor sales of the first quarter to Valentine’s Day, making it the highest region in wine sales overall for this time frame. Meanwhile, the Midwest prefers beer, a category that saw 37 percent more orders than wine for Valentine’s Day festivities. On the other hand, diners in the South and the West prefer to order from the dinner menu, with both regions experiencing significant food sales increases–the highest of the quarter–over the Valentine’s Day holiday.

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