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Whether or not to take reservations for your restaurant is a big decision that will impact your guest experience and overall management of the dining experience. It will also make an impact on overall daily operations. If restaurant space is limited and you want to make sure that each guest has a great experience, taking reservations may make more sense than having a line of hungry folks out the door. There are some great apps and websites available to help you streamline your reservation policy.

Use Technology To Seat Guests

There are many apps, websites, and tech options out there to help accommodate guests and get you prepared. OpenTable, TableIn, Yelp Reservations (SeatMe), are just a few of the popular options available in the wide landscape of online reservation tools for restaurants. It’s important to look at the options and functions of each system and choose the platform that works best for your establishment and budget, since there are fees associated with their usage as a restaurant owner.

OpenTable is the original tool for restaurants and guests to find and make reservations online. TableIn is a fairly simple platform for online bookings that is free for your guests. There are plugins available for our restaurant website so you can get metrics, data, and analytics about its use and your guests. Yelp Reservations/SeatMe is associated with online review site Yelp, who acquired SeatMe to launch this free online reservation service.

Or, Go The Old Fashioned Route

Another option if you are wary of online reservations- call ahead seating. A guest may be on their way to the restaurant and know that there is likely a wait time, so they call ahead to add their name to the list as if they were already there waiting in person. This could be done by the hostess and takes away some of the logistics that reservations often require in accommodating guests.

Even if you decide you don’t want to do reservations for regular meal times, it might be smart to have a large group reservation policy to accommodate special events or meetings.

For more insights and reviews check out this link. http://restaurantengine.com/online-booking-app/

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