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If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry, you know that there are certain “phrases” all servers use that could be taken as something other than face value. While our guests may not always understand why we’re asking if they prefer bottled water, we sure as heck know what we mean when we overhear a co-worker saying it.

Here are some of those phrases… 

“Is this wine to your liking?”

Translation: Unless you’re a sommelier, I’m going to assume you don’t really have an opinion beyond you love it.


“Do you need change?”

Translation: This has nothing to do with my tip, I just don’t want to make a trip back to the table if it’s not necessary.


“I’ll let your table’s server know.”

Translation: You’re never going to get that extra hot sauce.


“Sure, I can lower the air conditioning.”

Translation: I have no control over the climate in here so I’m going to smile and nod.


“Do you want me to put these tapas plates in now, and the rest later?”

Translation: You really have no idea how much food you just ordered, do you?


“Can I interest you in dessert or coffee?”

Translation: The more you order, the higher possible tip I can get.


“Would you prefer bottled water or tap?”

Translation: Yes, this is an attempt to raise the check, but the thing is the higher my check averages, the better shifts I get. Help a sister out.


“I’ll let the kitchen know.”

Translation: I’m positive they are going to ignore that request.


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