Upserve integrates with best-in-class partners who are experts in restaurant inventory, labor, online ordering, accounting, and more. Since this post was first published on Aug. 31, 2017, Upserve has vetted seven more companies that have received the Upserve seal of approval to join the marketplace: GratuitySolutions, SynergySuite, Localstake, BeerBoard, Spendgo, Upserve Loyalty, Opticard, Upserve Online Ordering, and Upserve Inventory Management.

With dozens of competing restaurant technology companies vying for the attention of busy restaurateurs, buyers are getting overwhelmed with sales pitches promising better, money-saving tech. They’re forced to evaluate solutions based on merits of review sites, other restaurant owner recommendations or quick searches online. Moreover, this has created what the New York Times calls a “Tech tower of Babel” with most systems speaking their own dialect.

Until now.

To help cut through the clutter and let you decide the best option for your restaurant, Upserve has vetted dozens of products on the market, identifying industry-leading technology and teams, big and small, and carefully selected those that offer the best solution for every aspect of running a restaurant.

Here is your at-a-glance resource guide for choosing the best of the best that the marketplace has to offer in restaurant employee and workforce management, accounting, restaurant management, online ordering, inventory management, capital/expansion financing, data security, gift card administration, point of sale (POS), and more.

Here is your at-a-glance resource guide for choosing the best of the best restaurant industry-leading technology.

We’ll keep updating this list as more companies get vetted and receive the Upserve seal of approval, so bookmark this page and come back often to get the latest rundown. To toggle through the companies in each category use the arrows on either side of the image.




Data Security

Digital Menus

Digital Wine Platforms

Food Costing

Gift Cards



Online Ordering


PCI Compliance

Point Of Sale (POS)

Private Events




Restaurant Management



Upserve POS

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