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It’s 2019, which means Y2K babies are eligible to vote this year. (I’ll give you a second to gather yourselves.)

Scary statistics aside, 2019 is going to be a big year for forward-thinking, technologically-sophisticated restaurants. If you think your POS is good now, wait until you see some of the restaurant technology advancements coming down the line… and sooner than you think!

1. Facial recognition payment technology

Smile, you’re on candid cash-mera! Okay, so maybe it’s not that candid, but developers Alipay are about to unleash a facial recognition payment system, allowing customers to leave their wallets at home (unless they’re driving… then have those handy anyway).

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Intended for fast food and quick service restaurants, this payment system is designed to further streamline current ordering and wait-time processes, moving customers through in a more efficient fashion, and improving customer service.

2. Self-hosted Online Ordering

2019 is the year online ordering transitions from a “nice to have” feature to a necessary tool for increasing your revenue. Restaurants using Upserve’s online ordering solution, for ex, have increased revenues by 10%! And while third party platforms like Grubhub are great for finding new customers, having your own solution means that you don’t need to pay 30% commissions for repeat customers!

3. Complete self-service checkout

Already employed in several major chains, expect 2019 to be the year self-service ordering and checkout hits the mainstream. By reducing wait-time, and increasing the speed in which customers move through the line, and through their meals, this technology will make fast food faster, ordering more precise, and customers more satisfied.

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Order customization – one area where human error still plays a role, even on automated systems, will no longer be a problem. (Hey, if the customers wanted extra lettuce, they have no one to blame but themselves, right?)

More importantly, this technology allows more staff to spend time in food preparation and delivery, and less time voiding mistyped orders.

4. Line cutting encouraged!

We’ve seen this technology in use at theme parks and other attractions, and it makes even more sense in restaurants. Just hang out in a crowded foyer at Chili’s on game night if you don’t understand.

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Expect 2019 to be the year self-service ordering and checkout hits the mainstream.

Our restaurant POS solution reduces wait times, so staff members are able to take orders (and even payments) while waiting in line. So whether it’s traditional dining, takeout or fast food, lines are no longer a means to wait longer – they’re a way to speed up the meal once it’s ready.

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