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Restaurant Marketing Videos

If you’re thinking of taking your restaurant marketing to the next level, think visually. Using video content for restaurant marketing is a cost effective, time-saving way to get your business found online

A whopping 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded social media video, and nearly half of them are watching on Facebook, so creating videos that are optimized for mobile viewing is a must. Your restaurant marketing videos don’t need to be produced by a paid professional or shot on expensive equipment – your smartphone is more than enough!

restaurant marketing videos

Types of Restaurant Video Content to Use In Your Marketing Strategy 

“How-To” Restaurant Videos

Do you have an interesting technique you’ve discovered that makes for the best pizza dough? Or does your bartender make mojitos that are absolutely to die for? Connect with your customers and create a demo video – as long as it’s a technique you don’t mind sharing. 

Encourage your audience to upload their own “how-to” videos and interact with them. Post the videos where visuals and interaction thrive – YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to start. Audience interaction strengthens brand presence, so make sure to repost some of your audience’s content too.


Utilize sites like YouTube to foster a following around the world. Try publishing a weekly cooking channel video, or a biweekly interview with a fellow restaurateur. This creates an audience not just for your restaurant, but your content itself. You’d be surprised how far people are willing to travel when they’re emotionally invested in your videos.

Dish Spotlight Restaurant Videos

Is your restaurant known for its jaw-dropping veggie burger? Create a video that can be posted on your restaurant’s website, so that curious guests can rest assured they’re going to have the meal they’ve been searching for.  

“Day-in-the-life-of” Restaurant Videos

Use videos to market your restaurant’s unique environment to potential employees. Create a video following the day-to-day of your executive chef, highlighting the parts that prospective employees would find most interesting. Post this video on your restaurant’s careers page to help entice the exact applicants you are looking for.

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Restaurant Tour Videos

Provide a behind the scenes glimpse into how your restaurant operates. Make your audience feel special by showing them the back-of-house way of life. Kitchen staff rarely, if ever, interact with the customers; using a video helps foster a connection between them.

Restaurant Staff Interviews

Utilize your most abundant asset – your staff! Get creative with staff videos – try asking a baseline question such as, “What’s your favorite part about working here?” and an interesting, fun question that shows off their personalities. Posting them on different social media sites like Instagram and Facebook can boost organic visibility, meaning you don’t have to pay to sponsor a marketing post.

Customer Feature Videos

If you have regulars who are consistent patrons of your restaurant, make them feel even more special by including them in a customer spotlight video. This boosts credibility for your restaurant as well. Utilize these guests as important advocates for your restaurant and create a video of them talking about their favorite parts of your restaurant and what keeps them coming back for more. 

Supplier Relationship Videos

If you work with local farms or suppliers, take your video camera with you the next time you visit them. It doesn’t have to be just a farm either; if your wines come from a nearby vineyard, or your produce from a local farmers market, all of these make for great tours and an opportunity for an interesting video. Just make sure to run it by the person in charge before you start filming.

Local Event Recaps

Does your restaurant participate in restaurant week in an exciting way? Was your food truck at an interesting festival over the weekend? Create a recap video and highlight your participation. This is an opportunity to involve your customers who many have attended the event, they can watch the video looking for themselves.

Announcement Videos

Shout-out the things that make your restaurant unique. Showcase your daily specials and limited edition drinks in a visual way. Record your bartender walking through a limited edition holiday-themed drink, so your guests can recreate this winter special all summer long.

Tell Your Story

Create a video for your restaurant’s website about your journey in the food service industry. Tell an authentic, inspiring story about the decisions you’ve made, both good and bad, to get you where you are today. Not only does this give your restaurant a more trustworthy feeling, but it can inspire others in the early steps of their careers. 

restaurant marketing videos

How to Create Restaurant Videos to Market Your Business

You’ve completed step one, deciding to create restaurant marketing videos. But, how? Capitalize on the abundance of free tools available to create and post your videos at a professional level.

Video Software


If you use an iOS device, iMovie is a helpful, free software that you can use to edit your videos, add interesting audio, and export it as a compatible file type. The only thing you need to access this powerful tool is an iPad, iPhone, or other Apple device.

Adobe Premiere Clip

In order to use Adobe Premiere Clip, you’ll need to sign up for an Adobe account – don’t worry, it’s free for up to 2G of storage. Premiere Clip lets you select media files stored on your device, in a Dropbox account, or within Adobe’s Creative Cloud accounts, and creates an automatic video montage. Thankfully, Adobe Premiere Clip is compatible with iOS, Android devices, PC and Mac devices.


Quik is a free application that’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Samsung devices. It can also directly import video from GoPros as well as Motion Photos, making it a powerful tool for even the least experienced videographers.


Lumen5 is an online video maker that can be used to create social posts, stories, and ads for your restaurant. They’ll even help make design decisions and suggestions for future content. The best part? No experience in video editing is needed.

Video Hardware

Phone tripod

For less than $30, you can purchase a phone tripod that’s compatible with any smartphone. Create professional videos directly from your phone, without the natural shaking and wavering of a human videographer.


If you’re willing to expand your budget, consider purchasing lights to give your restaurant video marketing an extra touch. For just $100 you can get a pieced together DIY light kit. Proper lighting on food makes all the difference in the world.

Creating restaurant marketing videos can seem like a daunting task that should be left to the professionals. Utilize the tools around you, such as staff, menu items, and your smart-phone to give you the confidence you need to create great restaurant marketing videos.

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Sarah DeFlaminio is a marketing and advertising major at Providence’s own Johnson & Wales University. In her spare time, she can be found dining at many of Providence’s hidden gems, Pizza J and Like No Udder being her favorites. She is enjoying her summer as a marketing intern with Upserve.
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