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Restaurant wages have always been a hot topic. Between back of house versus front of house and waitress salaries verse waiter salaries, there are endless things to discuss. But before you become a restaurant owner, or if you plan to open another restaurant in a new state, you have to be aware of your state’s restaurant labor laws.

The tricky part about the food industry is the reliance on tipping in restaurants. If your staff depends on tips that greatly impact what you need to pay them. But did you know that is dependent on where you are?

Restaurant wages have always been a hot topic.

Below is a breakdown of the three buckets your state could fall into. You could have to simply pay a restaurant wage that is the federally mandated $2.13/hour, you could have a higher state-mandated tipped minimum wage, or you could have to pay your staff the state minimum wage (much higher than the tipping minimum wage).

While the government mandates the minimum restaurant wage you need to pay your employees, as a manager or owner only you can pick how much your great talent is worth.

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