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Every employee in your restaurant is capable of bringing in $84,000 in revenue. But if your employees are not performing their best, it’s impossible to benefit from that.

The Case For Ongoing Server Training

And why the upsell always wins…

Your servers are the face of your restaurant and have a direct impact on your bottom line. In order for your restaurant be successful, your servers need top-notch training and on-going support to succeed and perform at their best. In order for your servers to perform at their best, they need tactics that set them up for success with your guests.

While the best restaurant staff training is a blended strategy, it always keeps the main focus on the guest experience… and it’s always at the forefront of the restaurant owner’s mind.

You’ve got a lot on your mind though, so we’ve got one huge tactic not to forget about when implementing your ongoing training strategy… 

Suggestive Selling

You know, the upsell…

As your servers become more familiar with your restaurant and the menu, they are easier able to suggest pairings of food and wine, upsell desserts and improve their sales (and your bottom line).

Here are some ways you can help improve suggestive selling strength, long-term…

  • Allow your employees time to become familiar with the menu
  • Take the time to educate on daily specials
  • Encourage the kitchen staff to discuss the menu with the waitstaff
  • Suggest wine pairings weekly
  • Teach your employees which menu items are most profitable

Mastering The Upsell

When it comes to waiting on tables, the longer you do it, the more you learn about the best way to give attention, multi-task, and give space. However, the best servers don’t need to be on the job for 10+ years to learn this, ongoing training can teach them.

  • Train your servers to read the attitudes of their tables. For example, guests who are looking around the restaurant are probably looking for their server and need something. On the flip side, guests who make minimal eye contact or continue their conversation in the server’s presence probably desire less attention.
  • Educate your servers on how to talk about the menu. Many guests will rely on their server to guide them to the most ideal meal. The more you can train on how to talk about the menu and pair items together, the better service your staff can give.
  • Train on multi-tasking. Being aware of your surroundings is an important part of staff performance. Talk to your staff about how to balance multiple tables, large parties and small parties, and how to work with their teammates to meet guest needs.

Tell Me More

Upselling is an easy way to improve server performance, and increase revenue for your restaurant. But what upselling is not is something that we can talk about only briefly…upserve waitrainer webinar

… and that’s exactly why we’ve partnered with Waitrainer to bring you The Importance of Upselling: Driving More Revenue Through Each Visit. 

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why is upselling important from a maximizing restaurant revenue standpoint
  • Why it’s important to teach your staff about upselling
  • Tips for staff training on upselling

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