fresh seafood in the fridge of the seafood restaurant in Crete Greece

There are few worse feelings than when you order something and get something else, whether it be something off the internet, your morning coffee, or….a fish?

The fish you are buying is incorrectly labeled.

It’s been discussed across the board that the government is cracking down on fishy fish dishes. With 65% of studies showing that the mislabeling is money motivated– the bad guy is going to be the restaurateur in the guests’ eyes.

90% of seafood eaten in the US is imported, which leads to more difficulty tracking. That puts the restaurateur in a difficult situation. In fact, of that 90%, i the FDA is only inspecting about 2.7% of all imported food.

So from the start, getting the right fish and seafood not addled with drugs not allowed in the states, is already at a risk. With red meat phasing out, and food trends erring towards the healthier side- how do you make sure your guests are getting the right meal?

The first thing that needs to be done is some hard menu studying. Is your lobster roll really a langostino lobster roll? Be honest, it’s been working for Red Lobster for years, and they even have the fated bottom dwelling sea creature in their name.

If you are more honest about that tilapia being tilapia and not cod, your customers are going to trust you more. While you may not be inspected on which white fish you’re serving, seafood fraud has been cracked down on more and more every year.

Red snapper is rarely ever snapper.

Some things have a better track record than others, like red snapper, which is just better off your menu. With 120 samples tested, 28 different fish and 17 of them aren’t even remotely close to the snapper.


Sometimes a fish is just a fish, but with different fish having a high mercury count, and others not – the difference in white fish is huge.
Selling lower quality seafood at a premium price can have a premium cost. Between illegal fishing and illegal labeling, the seafood industry is starting to crack down at the end of the line- the restaurateurs. Make sure you have a solid relationship with your distributor, and an honest relationship with your guests. The feds have a nose for any fishy business.

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