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Ask any restaurateur and they’ll say a restaurant POS is the heartbeat of your restaurant. And above all else it needs to be reliable, especially during the busiest shifts.

Ross Simon, owner of Phoenix, AZ’s Bitter & Twisted, said it best. “I need a POS to work, be responsive, and be easy to maintain. So, it needs to function without constantly having issues. It needs to be easy to maintain, that I can update things, I can add things, I can add new menus, and not need to call up tech support just to do very simplistic tasks like that.”

These three restaurants from across the country all have one thing in common; they’re using Upserve POS to run their restaurants efficiently.

Reliability comes first 

“The biggest thrill that I’ve had, having Upserve, and Upserve POS in my business has been that everyday I come in now I never have to fear my point of sale system. It works everyday the way it’s designed, and I never ever have fear that at some point it’s just going to shut down on me in the middle of the day or the middle of a rush.” said Ron Koller, owner of The Malted Barley in Providence, Rhode Island.

Ron continued to say, “having a point of sale system that does what it’s supposed to do, all the time, dependably, is just amazing and a mission critical part of our business. And Upserve has been that.”

An important part of a reliable restaurant pos is how easy it is on your staff. Karan Verma, General Manager of Indian-fusion restaurant Masala Box has had Upserve POS since they first opened three years ago and his staff tell him they love using it.

“Upserve POS system has been very reliable from our part. We’ve had it since we opened the restaurant three years ago. One of the most attractive features was that for first time small restaurant owners, the amount of volume and the user friendliness that we have to face, it offered all that and we saw the value in that.”

Save time and Better Insights 

Not only are these restaurants saving time with a fast, reliable POS they have the advantage of Upserve HQ’s restaurant analytics to help them really understand their business and their guests.

Since the integration of Upserve POS and Upserve HQ, having them both work together has been a great addition. Not only can we have a reliable fast POS system, we’ve really seen the analytical information that we’ve received from our guests, go through the roof.” said Ross Simon, Owner of Bitter & Twisted.

At the end of the day, Karan Verma of New York’s Masala Box said it best. “It’s reliable. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to understand. We’ve had no need to change it.”

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