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Plenty of websites feature pretty designs. Upserve’s new restaurant menu design builder goes further. It recently introduced the first “Smart Menu” builder template, which uses data-driven practices and the psychology of menu design to grab customer attention, sell more of the most lucrative dishes, and drive repeat business.

This infographic illustrates 12 key data-driven and psychological factors for best practices in restaurant menu design.

This infographic, “The Science of Restaurant Menus,” illustrates 12 key data-driven and psychological factors that Upserve factored into the template, and what it considers best practices for restaurant menu design. Key insights include:

  • The precise number of items that should be on your menu
  • Where to place the higher-margin items on your menu
  • The optimal ratio of food to drink items
  • How to lay out menu items in a visually gripping way
  • Which items to list first
  • Why longer menu item descriptions sell more food

Click on the image below for a 15 page printable PDF version of Upserve’s “Science of Restaurant Menus” infographic.

80% of a restaurant’s food sales come from only 16% of menu items. How do you know which ones? The perfect menu is just a click away with Upserve's Menu Builder.

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Upserve Science of Restaurant Menu Infographic

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