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Video has been an important marketing medium since its inception. Up until recently, though, it was mainly used in television advertising. Now, it’s clear it has also found a home on the Internet, but what about right in-store?

The new trend in video marketing is to include digital signage within venues. You’ll see video used in store settings more and more because the availability and popularity of digital signage is growing quickly. In fact, the blog Digital Signage Today is dedicated to it.

What is digital signage anyway? It’s essentially replacing paper and cardboard signs with TV screens and interactive programs. Below are three ways businesses are using in-store digital signage, display videos, and digital menus to boost customer loyalty.

1. A New Way to Order

Big businesses like Harrod are using digital signage as window displays, and small businesses like Sansai Sushi in Fullerton, CA, have replaced their menu boards with digital signage.

It may seem unnecessary to some business owners—and in many ways it is the next big shiny object—but “research has shown that many small businesses have boosted sales revenue by up to 50 percent using digital signage,” according to the Small Business Technology Blog.

Another benefit to digital signage is the ability to easily add or remove information. If one day your chef decides to create a new dish, there’s no need to order new menus or even to break out the chalk and rewrite the blackboard. All you need to do is type your new menu item into your digital signage system and you’re all set.

Empire Tea & Coffee in Newport, RI, has no trouble adjusting their menu on the fly because of their digital menus displayed on bright monitors behind the cashiers, giving Empire enough room to list every kind of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bubble tea and snack they have available. All you need for this method is two screens and an employee who’s computer savvy.

Ziosk is another device meant to be used at the table that offer apps for ordering and games to play while customers are waiting.

Or, you could just use use iPads, like Bone’s Steak House in Atlanta. They use them as wine menus, allowing diners to research their wine before they select one. According to the New York Times, “to the astonishment of the restaurant’s owners, wine purchases shot up overnight—they were nearly 11 percent higher per diner in the first two weeks compared with the previous three weeks, with no obvious alternative explanation.”

2. A TV Network For Your Restaurant or Bar

The term “linger longer” gets thrown around when you start talking to restaurants and bars about providing a better experience for their customers. They want customers to hang out at their establishment and a company called IndoorDIRECT hopes to help businesses do just that.

IndoorDIRECT produces television content for bars and restaurants. Their network comes packaged with a restaurant’s branding. Restaurants and bars can even insert their own promotional videos to educate their seated customers about their other products. This is a great way to blend television entertainment and product education.

Below is a sample of what a branded IndoorDIRECT channel looks like.


3. Interactive Trivia Entertainment

At Indigo Joe’s Sports Pub and Restaurant in Houston, TX, video is taken to the next level. With over 50 different televisions it’s every sports fan’s dream. In addition to having flat screens at every table they also offer interactive trivia games from BuzzTime. BuzzTime is a restaurant trivia and game publisher. Patrons play games like Black Jack and History and Entertainment trivia. These games are designed to be addictive to keep restaurant patrons in their seats and entertained.

You can also insert ads into your signage, asking customers to “Like” you on Facebook, or get cash back by signing up for your loyalty program while they wait.

In-store video marketing will continue to grow. The ability to offer patrons enticing content that keeps them seated will make the adoption of in-store video marketing by proprietors a must in the coming decade.

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