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Sriracha, the hot chili sauce from Thailand, is having a moment. Not only is it becoming the hot condiment to add to everything from French fries to specialty cocktails, many food brands are adding hot and spicy options to their traditional offerings, like ketchup and potato chips.

So how can you capitalize on this food trend at your restaurant? Whether you use Sriracha or not, adding some hot and spicy items to your menu could be a fun, special, novelty item to add some spice for your guests.

Many craft breweries are making limited release beers flavored with spicy peppers. A lot of ethnic cuisine (Asian, Middle Eastern, and African, to name a few) embrace hot spices in their foods. Adding some special items from one of these regions could be a real treat for your chef, giving them new flavors and cooking techniques to experiment with in the kitchen.

Three fast food brands adding sriracha to their menus:

Taco Bell is adding Sriracha Beef Grillers, Sriracha Grande Scramblers, Sriracha Quesaritos and more, all served with sriracha crema.

taco bell sriracha menu

Wendy’s offers a Spicy Sriracha Chicken sandwich, with bacon, onions, and lettuce

wendys sriracha chicken menu


3. Carl’s Jr. is offering a Honey Sriracha Charbroiled Chicken sandwich.

carls jr honey sriracha menu

Four hot and spicy ingredients you can incorporate into your restaurant menu:

1. Ghost Pepper

This is one of the hottest chili peppers in the world and should only be considered for serious spice seekers.

2. Sambal

From Southeast Asia, this sauce is made of various kinds of chilies, brown sugar, salt, and other Asian spices. It could be a great addition to an appetizer menu as a dipping sauce for meat or seafood items.

3. Gochujang

Frequently seen in Korean dishes, this spice is more of a salty paste made from hot red chilis. It’s often referred to as Korean hot sauce and is ideal for pork.

4. Harissa

An African hot sauce made from chilies, garlic, cumin, coriander, caraway, and olive oil, harissa is a great addition to soups or stews to give it that extra kick.

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