St. Patrick’s Day is, arguably, one of the biggest events for restaurants and bars. Guests are coming to you for your food, drink and the experience. But once all the restaurant and bar marketing dies down, how can you tell if your restaurant menu was a hit? At Upserve, our restaurant analytics have the menu data to look into menu performance. While we assumed merchants were doing higher volumes of overall sales, we wanted to know exactly how much of that was coming from the most traditional Irish items they were serving up.

Amongst the trends and averages we also found a few “outliers” – pubs doing something so right that they were able to out-perform all other bars in the #UpserveFam (and remember that’s thousands) by a landslide. Find out what they did right so you can make St. Patrick’s Day (or any day) even greener for your bar or restaurant.

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Dan is a web developer from the Greater Boston area. He enjoys camping, hiking & maintaining the illusion that he still has hobbies since becoming a father.