Just over a week ago, if you were anything like us, you were reveling in the kelly green glow of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a big deal here in New England, Boston especially so, but we know that pubs and bars across the country were doing a swift business on this holiday celebrated with traditional Irish food and drink. While we assumed merchants were doing higher volumes of overall sales, we wanted to know exactly how much of that was coming from the most traditional Irish items they were serving up.

Lucky for us the Upserve portal gave us all the detailed insights we were looking for into menu performance. Amongst the trends and averages we also found a few “outliers” – pubs doing something so right that they were able to out-perform all other bars in the #UpserveFam (and remember that’s thousands) by a landslide. Find out what they did right so you can make St. Patrick’s Day (or any day) even greener for your bar or restaurant.

St. Patrick's Day Infographic