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Everyone adores the cheesy, delicious taste of pizza. So, there’s little wonder why you’ve decided to pursue your own pizza business and share this goodness with others. However, you may also be wondering how you can be successful in such a competitive space. To answer this question, here’s what you need to know about the trends and strategies driving success in the pizza industry.

Pizza industry trends

Adapting to current trends and consumer tastes are essential to keeping your independent pizza business relevant. So what are the trends driving the pizza industry today?

As explained in the 2018 Pizza Power Report, a state-of-the-industry analysis, one emerging consumer demand is that of customization. People are looking for high quality, made-to-order pizzas that suit their specific tastes. For this reason, many pizzerias are expanding their options for toppings, ingredients and dipping sauces – especially amongst the millennial market.


Adapting to current trends and consumer tastes are essential to keeping your independent pizza business relevant.


An increasing demand for fast, high-quality delivery is also taking shape. Third-party delivery partners have complicated delivery in the past, both for pizzerias and customers. However, a dedication to in-house delivery can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Your Pizza Restaurant Business Plan

If you want to compete with the franchises and pizza chains that dominate the national market, here are a few elements to factor into your restaurant business plan.

Fast-casual pizza restaurants

More and more consumers are leaning towards the convenience of fast-casual pizza restaurants. Whether its a stopover on a lunch break or a quick bite before the game, fast casual restaurants meet the demand for both quality and speed. Fast-casual restaurants can vary in their price point, so first consider the demands of your geographic target market.

Healthy options

There’s no denying that healthy lifestyles are trending. Pizza isn’t normally thought of as a healthy option, but that’s exactly where your market opportunity exists. As such a flexible and adaptable food category, there are a variety of ways that Pizza ingredients and toppings can be made more healthy.


Meeting customer demands might not seem possible, especially when you’re running a small pizza shop. That’s where automation comes in. Restaurant POS systems and other technologies are helping restaurants move more quickly and efficiently. Automating processes is also a key way that small pizza stores can compete with major franchises.

Pizza pos software

It’s clear that an independent pizzeria must move quickly in order to survive. Having a reliable POS pizza software can automate complex tasks, meet industry trends and demands, and keep your entire operation streamlined.

For example, a pizza delivery POS can streamline orders and help manage the uptick in online ordering. This is especially helpful for managing deliveries, and getting them sent out in a timely manner. POS systems can also remember customer preferences and past orders. Specifics including when a customer has ordered, and what they ordered, can be saved in a POS. This allows pizza restaurants to better meet the need for customization while keeping guests happy and satisfied. To find the best pizza POS system for you, it may also be helpful to read some pizza pos system reviews.

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