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Today we are excited to share some big news:

Swipely is now Upserve, a restaurant management software company.

When we won our first customer in 2012, we were driven to help one local restaurant benefit from the type of technology that had propelled many online firms to success. Since then, we’ve grown from serving one restaurant in California to thousands across all 50 states.

Along the way, we focused relentlessly on our customers and invested deeply to help solve their challenges. Restaurants are one of the largest segments of our economy, employing 1 out of every 10 people in the workforce. Last year, consumer spending on dining out exceeded that on food at home for the first time. Most restaurants are independently owned and operated, many founded by first- or second-generation Americans. We are proud to be their partner.

Our product has risen to meet an expanding set of needs. Today, we serve restaurants with one location, and others with many locations. We now connect the dots with your comprehensive POS system, online reviews, payments, reservations, and more. Everywhere the restaurant goes, there we are, organizing key information into one place. Our new name catches up to where our product—and our customers—already are.

16 million active diners, and still hungry

Upserve now manages 11 million meals per month, up 172% since the prior year. Upserve Guest Book is now used to manage relationships with 16 million active diners. This makes Upserve one of the largest-scale and fastest-growing companies in the food and restaurant technology space. We have 40 percent more active diners than the entire U.S. online food delivery industry.

At a recent company “all hands” meeting, I recounted a book my wife Joanna and I have read many times to our kids: “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” On Monday, the caterpillar eats through one apple; on Tuesday, he eats through two oranges. He progresses through an amazing variety and quantity of foods, even getting a bellyache along the way. Eventually, the caterpillar emerges as a beautiful, colorful butterfly.

We are very proud to stretch our wings in our new brand colors. Upserve is the smart management assistant serving up clear guidance that makes your restaurant thrive. The magic ingredient.

Spring ’16 product release, and Upserve Mobile

Today, we’re also launching some big additions to our product suite.

Our new Upserve Mobile app lets restaurateurs put their restaurant in their pocket, so they can run the show from anywhere. It’s available now in the app store.

Several other new features use artificial intelligence such as machine learning and sentiment analysis, but restaurateurs will just call it magic. Upserve can predict how many guests will visit tonight, and stack-rank the dinner menu by reading thousands of online reviews. These features make it easier to elevate the guest experience or to optimize the menu.

These are just a few of the new capabilities in our Spring ’16 release. Expect to hear about more of them on this blog in the coming weeks.  Also check out our feature on RI Public Radio.

For a growing number of restaurants, Upserve is an essential part of running a smooth operation. We’ve never been more excited to help them reach their full potential.

Let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you.


CEO & Founder of Upserve