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Chances are that right now you’re either running, planning for or in the middle of a restaurant marketing campaign, special event or promotion at your restaurant. But how are you measuring your marketing success? What do your restaurant analytics look like?

With so many options for creating interest and attracting new customers, it can be difficult to understand where to focus your time and money.

Take Restaurant Week for example:

These week-long (or month-long) events offer diners a chance to try new restaurants at a discounted rate. Business owners slash prices and participate in hopes of attracting new guests. But, looking back at the end of one of these events, there are usually more questions than answers: how many reservations were for new customers? Will they come back? And was it worth the effort?


What if…

…you could identify the guests who came into your restaurant for the first time during Restaurant Week and see how many had returned since? Over time you’d be able to see how many of them returned, how often and what they bought.

In a year, you’d have a wealth of data, accumulated over the past 12 months, to see exactly how much value the guests acquired during last year’s Restaurant Week had added to your business and whether participating in Restaurant Week again this year was worth the extra effort, menu changes and discounts of your food and drink.

Upserve’s Campaign Insights feature allows you to do exactly that!


In 5 minutes or less enter the name of the campaign you’re running (or participating in), how much it will cost you – this can include everything from advertisements to the cost of having extra staff on hand during the event, and how long it will run for.  

Then sit back and let Upserve do the rest, monitoring sales, visits and new customers acquired for you. You’ll quickly be able to identify which marketing campaings are winners and which aren’t worth your time or budget.

The tracking doesn’t stop when your campaign does. 

Upserve keeps track of the customers you acquire during a campaign and continues to tell you how many of them return on an ongoing basis, making it easy to see the value your marketing efforts bring into your business over a longer period of time. 

What You Get:


  • Sales Stats: See not only how much you make overall during the campaign, but whether your average ticket is increasing and by what %.
  • New vs. Repeat Guests: See how good your campaign is at attracting new customers and whether those customers return after the promotion ends.
  • Social Activity: See all of the social activity you’re generating from your campaigns in a NULL single view. Track Facebook, Twitter and all of the major online review sites from your Upserve portal with a single login.
  • Retroactive Reporting: Forgot to add your campaign to Upserve before you ran it? Not a problem. You can enter campaigns retroactively and generate a report to show all of the same information.

Find out how you can take the guess-work out of your restaurant marketing efforts, and improve business decision making with UPserve for your business.

Already a Upserve merchant? Login to your account and create your first marketing Campaign now or contact your Account Manager for help getting started.

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