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More and more restaurants are offering takeout and/or delivery options to their guests. If your restaurant is doing well and your guests love your food, is takeout service the right option for your business?

It’s Not Just For Fast Food

Takeout and food delivery is quickly becoming a more frequent option for all types of eateries- it’s not just for fast food anymore.

With the quick, busy pace of life, guests want high-quality food that’s easy to order, pick up, and eat to meet their schedules and budgets. Takeout is especially popular with millennials. Even though it’s a popular option, takeout or delivery may not be right for your restaurant, or you may only want to offer pick up takeout only, cutting down on the extra costs of delivery.

If you’re considering adding this service option, here are 3 points to consider.

1. Staff

The function of your kitchen and staff will change considerably if you add a takeout or delivery.

If you offer takeout during regular lunch or dinner service hours, the additional orders will add to the workload of the kitchen staff. It will require a dedicated staff person to take phone orders, and if you choose delivery options, another staff person to cover that too. Technology offers solutions to these issues with online ordering or third-party delivery companies. However, you should make sure your chef and the kitchen team can handle an increase in orders at peak times. This will be crucial to your success in takeout service.

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2. Cost

Takeout service can be costly not just in additional staff hours or investing in tools to facilitate orders, but also with your food ordering and takeout supplies like containers, plastic cutlery, and bags. You likely will have to get additional insurance to cover any delivery people and vehicles.

3. Marketing

The takeout and food delivery industry is growing quickly and has a lot of competition.

Introducing this new element to your business will require work in marketing. It’s key to use your existing loyal guests as leverage for your takeout or delivery service. Use these guests to figure out what they want and need in takeout options. It can help you plan your takeout menu options and figure out where to market your service.

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