You can change the curtains. You can change your signage. And, you can change your menu. There’s one thing that stays the same through all of this. Your guests.

Or at least that is the goal.

Your guests are why you got into this business, and your team is what keeps you there. Restaurant customer service is at the heart of your business plan, but you can’t do it alone.

We are lucky that we live in a world filled with technology. The thing is, a lot of us don’t know how to make the most of it. In fact, one in three restaurateurs admit they feel behind the times when it comes to tech.
You want your staff to be happy. You want to improve restaurant customer service. Yes, I’m sure you have a restaurant management team that rivals The 1992 Dream Team, however, every team needs a coach.

That is where restaurant technology comes in. Let restaurant technology help you, rather than hinder you, when talking about restaurant customer service.

My starting team when it comes to restaurant customer service would consist of these 5 players, Waitrainer, Talktothemanager, Split, The Customer Connection, and Upserve.

Waittrainer- It all starts with the staff. Waitrainer creates a detailed plan for training no matter your size, concept or goal. Worried about implementation? There’s a variety of ways to begin, and Waitrainer will give you examples of how other restaurants like yours got started. Interested? Learn more here.

Talktothemanager- Ever wanted to know what your guests were doing on their phones while they’re dining with you? Well, I can’t tell you that, however, there is a way for guests to text you. Basically, you get a number that you share with your guests. Then, they can text that number with compliments or complaints, anonymously. Get texting ASAP by learning more here.

Split- This technology betters both your guests experiences and your server experiences. With the app, guests can split checks directly from their smartphones. Wait staff are able to turn tables faster instead of spending time splitting the bill into multiple checks. End the struggle of running 7 cards once and for all, learn about Split here.

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The Customer Connection- Make your guests happy by showing them just how much you care. Create loyalty programs, gift cards, birthday programs and email marketing for your restaurant. To learn more about The Customer Connection check out their site.

Upserve- Find a unique profile of each guest’s favorite dishes, visit history, upcoming reservations, and more. But what is the point of understanding your guests without understanding your servers? Time each server’s turns, with comparisons and trends and track sales per cover (or per guest check), break it down by menu category, fix problems, and recognize your stars.

Technology is all around us, it’s just about knowing what services are the best to solve your restaurant’s problems and find where you have opportunities to grow.

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Hannah can be found riding the slopes of New Hampshire by winter and riding the waves of Rhode Island by summer. In order to satisfy a constant sweet tooth, you can find her bouncing between Ellie's Bakery and Pastiche, both in Providence, RI.