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During an informal 18-person Facebook survey, we asked respondents if they “like” their favorite coffee shop on Facebook and follow their updates.

61% responded positively, saying that they do in fact “like” their favorite java joint and one person even replied, “especially if it meant free coffee”. Isn’t it funny how the general consumer population is used to getting a deal in exchange for their appreciation? For those unacquainted with the ways of social media, it might seem strange, but the fact of the matter is that customers have come to expect to not only be able to find their local coffee shop on social media, but to be able to interact with it there as well and probably be given some perks in the process, even if that’s just hearing news and announcements before the rest of the general population.

Whether you are figuring out social media as you figure out how to open a cafe or you’re a long established joint finally ready to take the social media plunge, you need to be focused on easy restaurant marketing strategies so you can get people in your door so that all of your new efforts are worthwhile. One of the easiest ways is to simply post what you have going on any number of free-to-use social media platforms. Below are a few examples of coffee shop marketing ideas that you can take advantage of to showcase your awesome place. Remember: If posting on social media makes you feel nervous, you can always invest in getting a social media manager to do it for you.

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Coffee marketing ideas 101: Post status updates

Make sure you are using status updates on Facebook for what they are intended forstatus updates! If you are hosting an event, the quickest way to let people know is through social media. If you want musicians, artists, and other creative minded folks to network at your restaurant, make all your upcoming events that they might be interested in known by sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You could even go the extra step and make a Facebook event for the whole shebang, too.

Make sure you post after the event as well. Not only does this give the talented musicians and other folks who use your coffee shop as an event space the exposure they deserve, it also gives customers something other than the menu to look forward to when they respond to the post, as well as show those who were on the fence and didn’t attend what they missed out on.

Learn how to promote a coffee shop

Let’s face it, the delicious drinks and tasty pastries that you offer are the central draw of what you have to offer—so don’t be afraid to highlight the essentials. If you have vegan options, make mention of those. If you’ve got a food or drink special on a certain day of the week, you should be posting about that every single week. If someone is browsing coffee shop content on social media, they’re looking for exactly that—coffee.

This is one of the many coffee shops on Facebook that makes is easy for their professionals and student customers to get a craving for their mouth-watering selections. With the prices listed alongside posts that describe delicious daily meal choices, they get people thinking about what they want to order even before they walk through your door. With people now worried about things being natural, this can help your future guests know your place is a good one for the whole gang.

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Make sure they know where you are

Location is everything, and coffee shops on Facebook are no different. Whether you’ve moved and need to let your guests know, or an event is going on near you, keep reminding your guests where you are! Make sure you have convenient links to a map on the same post to help customers find the building, just in case any of their future patrons aren’t familiar with the area.

Keep it human

One of the best things about social media is that it gives your business a platform that can really let its personality shine. “It’s important to make your social feeds as human as possible. Big brands can often struggle to do this, but this is an area where indie coffee shops can really thrive because they have that more personal touch. Your social feed should reflect this,” explains the App Institute.

The fact of the matter is that customers have come to expect to not only be able to find their local coffee shop on social media, but to be able to interact with it there as well.


Small, locally owned joints don’t have to hassle and fuss with all of the brand guidelines and social media bureaucracy that can hold big companies back from really connecting with their audience. Letting your personal voice shine through in your Facebook posts is one way to show off who you are to the world and how you stand out among the crowd of other coffee shops in town while showing how you’re different from the big chain guys, too.

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Wrangle some reviews

“Did you know social media sites such as Facebook have places for customers to leave reviews about your business? While other businesses may rely on sites like Yelp and other review sites, those sites are targeting your audience like you own Facebook page will,” Blue Cricket Media explains. Plus, imagine how well the greatness of your coffee shop will come across to new users on your Facebook page when the first thing they see is a series of five star reviews complete with doting comments and recommendations like “Drop what you’re doing and go there now!!!!”.

Craft the best coffee shop advertisement you can

Advertising on Facebook allows businesses something huge that hardly any other advertising medium can: extreme targeting. With the click of a few buttons you can tailor your ad to make sure it gets in front of the exact people you want it to. Are you looking to draw more customers from a certain part of town? Yep, you can base it off of location. Maybe you’re trying to entice the employees of a nearby business to make your coffee shop their go-to break spot. Yep, you can filter by things like where people work, too.

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