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More and more bakeries these days accept custom orders, especially those that focus on cakes and cupcakes. Custom services can range from offering expanded options for flavors, colors, lettering and design to those talented bakers and decorators that really up the ante.

Strangely, there is a noticeable absence of discussing and promoting custom work when visiting several bakeries’ websites, blogs and social networking sites.

If your business doesn’t offer it or doesn’t have time to take on many custom orders, that’s understandable. For businesses that do, however, it is disappointing to see one tiny line buried at the bottom of an “about us” or “product description” page that says something like “Please call for information about custom orders.” Just getting started building your bakery business? We have three tips that can help you market your custom cakes like a pro.

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Let’s discuss how and why giving your custom work marketing a boost can benefit your business:

Connecting With a Massive Demand

If you check out a few blogs for wedding planning, catch any episodes of popular reality television shows like Ace of Cakes, or attend basically any large-scale event recently, you’ll notice that unique custom cakes and cupcakes are trends that just aren’t going away. Why? Because people are always looking for ways to personalize special events and make them memorable. An interesting cake isn’t just part of the food or refreshments, it’s part of the atmosphere or a great surprise.

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Show and Tell

A few pages of well-organized photos make a great online portfolio for customers to browse. Once they are posted, talk them up! Post images and link to your page from social networks. In the descriptions, label it clearly as an example of custom work created by your business (not just a sample stock photo) and encourage people to contact you with any special requests, themes to work with and creative visions that you can make a reality.

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More Opportunities and Events

The primary target market for your business may be larger events, like weddings and bigger parties. And your work in those areas might be impressive, but often seeing only a couple of categories on a bakery’s website or mentions of “weddings, birthdays and MORE” on a Facebook page seems really limited. If you want people to find your business for a variety of occasions or better yet, encourage them to think about getting a custom cake or specialty cupcakes for an event they hadn’t even considered, why not put the idea in their heads? Offer expanded categories and show examples.

So maybe you’ve started with your custom cake marketing, now here are 6 more tips to market your bakery as a whole.


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