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The reason why restaurants are more successful when chefs own them is because their customers see them as experts from the start. Chefs who host special-occasion cooking/tasting classes, or write blog posts about their favorite ingredients, or tweet about their latest foraging escapades are establishing themselves as experts.

Would you trust buying yarn from a store owner who didn’t knit or crochet? Or get your Toyota serviced by someone who’s only worked on American cars? 

Let’s say you’re a consignment shop. Susan Walker is a tag sale wandering, thrift-store scavenging, flea-market traveling forager of previously loved items. She writes a blog called FOUND by Susan Walker which tells the stories of Susan’s travels across the country to find unique items to sell in her store. In every blog post, she shows photos of all her new items along with how much she’s selling them for and how she came to find them. A blog allows Susan to truly show her expertise in the consignment business, while having a place to document it all as well.

There are amateur makeup artists out there getting millions of views on their YouTube videos (and making a few bucks at it too!). That’s why there’s no reason why any professional hairdresser or makeup artist couldn’t take advantage just the same and start filming their own tutorials.

Cocktail mixing classes are also popular for bars and gastropubs. For $20 or so, you can invite a limited number of people to partake in the art of mixing fine liquors. Not only does this establish you as a teacher and expert, but it will be the source of new business as well.

Restaurants have it easy because they have unlimited ways to show people that they know what they’re doing, and the easiest way is just to cook for them! But if chefs want to go the extra mile, they can host special educational cooking classes or host wine dinners, or even blog about their favorite herbs and other ingredients.

Passion bleeds into everything you do, and if you have passion, you’ll find your way easily into expert mode.

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