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Summer is here and healthy eating is on the top of most of your guests’ minds. People want light and refreshing meals on a hot day, that help them stay on track with their summer diet. A great menu idea for your restaurant is to harness that need for health and utilize in-season produce every chance you get.

But not all fruits and veggies are created equally, nor are they all liked equally. So how do you know what produce to put on your menu?

Here are the produce food trends for 2018


With heirloom fruits and vegetables taking the majority, maybe a nice tomato salad could freshen up your menu. Already using heirloom produce? Make sure you are calling it to attention because buzzwords like that always stand out to your guests.

Uncommon herbs can grace your food menu, as well as your cocktail menu. While most of these results can lean towards nice additions to dishes, don’t forget that a funky cocktail, maybe even on your patio, is also a great way to draw in new guests. Plus it could get them to order food next time around.

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Seasonality is one food trend you can put your money behind - seasonal menus see 26% more orders, after all. Learn the ins and outs.

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Hybrid fruits and vegetables are becoming more accepted and commonplace in today’s food world. It may surprise you that most corn, carrots, grapefruit, tomatoes, melons, and other popular fruits and veggies are hybridized! In the past hybridized fruits and veggies had a bad reputation due to some misconceptions but now they are becoming the norm in most households and supermarkets!

Exotic fruits are steadily becoming more popular and common place in today’s food world. Try garnishing your dishes with an exotic fruit to leave a lasting impression with your guests. Or try topping your cocktails with a unique fruit that your customers don’t always see in their local supermarket!

Rounding out the list is superfruit which is no shock considering how superfoods have been consistently trending the past couple of years. The most popular superfruit, and one of the healthiest, is açaí berries. Packed with antioxidants add them to a salad, a smoothie, or indulge in an açaí bowl! Your guests will love the incorporation of superfruits on your menu and feel great eating them!

Fresh produce is usually a crowd pleaser no matter the time of year, so you can even keep them going into the fall. Customers also love locally sourced! Make sure to bring attention to any produce you are using that is from a local supplier. 

Is your produce not the only seasonal thing around? Check out our guide to seasonality here.

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