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When they’re not learning from staff, customers and fellow owners, restaurateurs often take cues from food blogs and online resources written by restaurant managers and foodies. Reading list need a refresh? We’ve put together a list of the top restaurant management blogs and city-specific must-reads to keep you up to date on everything you need to know to keep your restaurant full of happy, hungry customers.

Restaurant Management Blogs

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management is the go-to resource for on-the-go restaurant professionals. As the name suggests, the popular restaurant blog covers everything from recent management news and trends to expert advice from industry veterans.

Unlike many restaurant blogs, the publication focuses specifically on the business of food. You won’t find menu ideas or trending desserts here. Restaurant owners and managers look to the blog for actionable advice for improving restaurant operations and efficiency.

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Restaurant Den

For many business owners, marketing is a constant challenge. Are you hoping for a bigger lunch crowd? Restaurateurs know that marketing is more than throwing up a website and telling your friends about your local hot spot. Up your marketing game with some help from Restaurant Den.

Readers turn to Restaurant Den to learn the latest marketing tactics that get guests in the door. Learn social media marketing, email strategies, list building techniques, SEO, and more.

The publication is written by marketing pros with first-hand industry experience. Jon Taffer, star of the hit show Bar Rescue, is one of many experts that share their experience on the blog. Boost your business with innovative ideas, free resources, and tips from the Restaurant Den.

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Restaurant Engine

Speaking of marketing, restaurateurs should get to know Restaurant Engine. This blog gives readers everything they need to build a world-class website. Although the company offers web design services to restaurants, they have plenty of free resources available on the blog.

Restaurant Engine teaches business owners about the benefits of using a digital menu board, top software integrations, online ordering set up, and more.

Restaurants need more than a simple “About Us” page to make an impact online. Customers expect to find menus, reviews, and convenient online ordering options. It’s about creating an exceptional digital experience. Meet the demands of the modern foodie by following the advice in this blog.

Restaurant Manifesto

Smart management and a stellar marketing strategy aren’t the only ingredients for success. The dining experience must also be a top priority for restaurant management. Positive experiences keep customers coming back for more. Not to mention, repeat customers cost less to acquire than new customers.

The Restaurant Manifesto gives readers the tools to create a flawless dining experience. Restaurateurs come away with actionable strategies for table talk, bar service, and more. This restaurant blog believes that a better dining experience “will result in better service and more successful meals.”

The publication is written by conscientious diners. Decoding Waiter Speak, learning how to complain better, and questioning a tip are a few hot topics on the blog. Improve the customer dining experience with help from the Restaurant Manifesto.  

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The Restaurant Expert

Your success as a business comes down to your bottom line. In any business, cash is oxygen. The Restaurant Expert helps restaurant owners manage cash flow to maximize profits. Learn how to implement money management systems and useful tools to reduce accounting headaches and improve bottom lines.

Are you mixing labor costs with food costs? This article explains why you shouldn’t. Is labor costing you too much? Find out how to lower it. Do you understand the difference between good and bad food cost percentage? Learn from the blog. Explore topics such as menu pricing, cost calculations, and software solutions.

Controlling your restaurant’s cash flow can be a significant challenge. Let The Restaurant Expert help.


If you run a bar or serve alcohol, check out Uncorkd. This popular blog helps restaurant leaders improve beverage operations. Stay on top of wine trends, create holiday cocktails, and get to know your beverages with the Uncorkd blog. Readers also turn to these beverage connoisseurs for advice on liquor costs, upsell techniques, and bar inventory management.

The Uncorkd mission is to “revolutionize the way people think about, purchase, and enjoy drinks in a restaurant.” Read up on popular topics to improve your restaurants drink game.

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Restaurant Business

Restaurant Business offers actionable information to business leaders and suppliers in the restaurant and foodservice industry. The publication has an online blog and print magazine geared toward restaurateurs and enthusiasts. Readers can keep up with consumer trends, restaurant technology, leadership, and finance topics.

The popular restaurant blog also offers a newsletter, podcast, and webinars to help business owners gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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FastCasual is an online blog that delivers essential news, events, and trends in the fast-casual marketplace. Eateries including Chipotle, Panera Bread, and Noodles and Company are taking the world by storm.

If you own or operate a fast-casual restaurant, turn to FastCasual to read about food and beverage trends, top markets for growth, and more. The site features articles, videos, webinars, and printable resources for those interested in learning effective restaurant strategies and techniques.

Unlike the other blogs on this list, FastCasual also offers information on owning and operating a fast-casual franchise. If you’re a new franchise owner or aspiring franchisee, check out this site.  


Eater is currently one of the top-rated local restaurant blogs for all major cities. This publication highlights food news and dining guides across all major cities. With a readership of more than two million people, Eater is the go-to blog for restaurateurs looking to keep up with dining trends in their city.

If you operate a restaurant in a major city, checking out the Eater blog has to be on your to-do list.

Restaurant Insider

We tried to save the best for last. Restaurant Insider is one of the most comprehensive restaurant management blogs across the web. In addition to a healthy database of helpful articles and ebooks, you’ll also find engaging podcasts and videos.

Restaurant Insider is full of advice for managing staff, overcoming menu challenges, and upgrading your POS. Readers love Restaurant Insider because it is a one-stop-shop for all of your restaurant management questions. If you’re a new reader, start by checking out a free guide, industry report, or trending news article. Can’t find it on the blog? Reach out directly, and we’ll be happy to answer your question. We’re here to help!

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NYC Restaurant Blogs

Grub Street

Grub Street is a food blog by New York Magazine with restaurant reviews, chef interviews, restaurant-openings news, and food-trend coverage, all while highlighting the city’s rich culture.

Total Food

Total Food Service has served the Metro New York foodservice industry, including restaurant operators, chefsdealersconsultants, and suppliers. Each month, we deliver the latest newsinsights, and interviews.

Eater NY

You already know that Eater is the go-to website for all city-specific restaurant needs. The blog’s New York branch is the hub of all things NYC—from their “Top Restaurants” lists to what hot new spots are opening this week.

Chicago Restaurant Blogs

2nd Kitchen

2ndKitchen is a Chicago-based foodtech startup that helps connect businesses that don’t have a kitchen – think breweries, bars, hotels, apartment complexes, etc – with local neighborhood restaurants that have under-utilized kitchens. The company helps to create custom menus for the businesses and handles all of the transactions, deliveries, customer service requests, and all of the technology.
The 2ndKitchen blog is a resource hub that launched in late 2019. The publication covers the hospitality industry with a hyperfocus on three personas: restaurant owners, brewery owners, and bar owners. Its content caters towards top-of-funnel beer enthusiast topics such as how to make beer, down to middle and bottom of the funnel content for potential business owners such as these articles on a brewery business plan template and the best conical fermenters.

Fab Food Chicago

Fab Food Chicago is a one-stop-shop for all things food in Chicago: restaurant reviews, event information, chef highlights, and more.

Eater Chicago

Eater takes the cake once again in Chicago. The website does an excellent job of intersecting culture and food, keeping a constant pulse of the food scene in the Windy City.

Seattle Restaurant Blogs

Seattle Met

The Nosh Pit is the Seattle Met’s “up-to-the-minute” food news on the digital version of the city’s news, culture, and lifestyle magazine. From restaurant openings and closings, to new items available at the city’s favorite eateries, the Nosh Pit offers an inside look at the city’s diverse food culture.

Eater Seattle

There’s a trend here. Eater is the restaurant industry’s king of restaurant reporting across the country, and the Pacific Northwest city is no exception. Be sure to check out the website’s seasonal lists of the city’s best restaurants to see which restaurants are must-visits.

There you have it! If you need help with any aspect of managing your restaurant, whether it’s calculating your ideal food cost or figuring out restaurant KPIs to measure success, these blogs are here to provide the information you’ll need to stay on top of your game.

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