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Pardon the old, tired cliché, but when it comes to amplifying the potential of your restaurant POS softwarethere’s an app for that. Like most things in our lives today, even restaurant POS systems have been digitized and transformed into restaurant POS apps that have all the same functionality, but run off of a tablet instead of a clunky old legacy system.

Point-of-sale systems for restaurants have come a long way since their debut, and are no longer tied down to proprietary, on-premise formats with no flexibility. Today’s cloud-based restaurant POS platforms are agile, scalable and designed to expand in parallel with your restaurant’s needs. One big part of that scalability is the ability to integrate with other restaurant POS software apps.

Though POS systems generally come installed with the tools necessary to get started, different restaurants have different needs. Thanks to a growing list of restaurant POS apps, the open nature of a restaurant POS platform can be even more welcoming to users. Perhaps you’re looking to get on board with all of the food delivery apps that people love or maybe you’re looking to make hiring and training your killer staff easier than ever before. Regardless, there’s probably a restaurant app for that.

From accounting to loyalty programs, and seemingly everywhere in between, there are indeed “apps for that” in modern restaurant POS ecosystems. If you’re looking to build your restaurant POS app capabilities, read on.

Restaurant POS apps can manage accounting and finance.

For owners looking to get the most out of automated finance and accounting features, there is a slew of options available—and they’re just a download away.

PlateIQ gives you automated accounts payable functionality, performance insights, and digitized invoice management – including all vendor information and line item detail. PlateIQ’s integration with Upserve POS will provide near real-time food cost. You will streamline operations, track pricing changes, and analyze spending across categories, locations, concepts, and brands, all thanks to one app.

Bevager (and Foodager) are full purchase management systems that span the entire purchase-to-pay process: distributor ordering, real-time inventory management, recipe costing, invoice/AP processing, and POS-driven depletion and purchase analytics. Upserve POS integration provides ticket-level cost details, item theoretical costs and automated perpetual inventory based on sales recipe depletions.

Managing your restaurant’s numbers has never been easier, more centralized, or more streamlined than it is now thanks to POS system and restaurant app integration.

Handle staff management with a POS app.

Upserve is fortunate to have top-tier team management software included in its restaurant POS systems. But, as we all know, this is a high-turnover industry. When it comes to keeping your team fully staffed, trained and scheduled, we turn to Harri workforce management software to help us give our clients everything they need.

With this integration, your business can filter, attract and recruit the best available hospitality talent in your area, seamlessly and effortlessly through your restaurant management platform. When it comes down to it, your restaurant is your staff—they’re the people your regulars interact with every time they come in and they’re the people who, at the end of the day, make you and your restaurant money and keep you in business. While there are plenty of important elements swirling around your POS system’s capabilities, its ability to run a restaurant POS app that manages your staff is perhaps the most essential element of the whole shebang.

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Run loyalty and gift card programs through your restaurant POS app.

In today’s always-connected, immediate-gratification society, there’s no better way to earn and maintain customers than through loyalty programs. Thanks to programs like Opticard and Swipe It –  among others – restaurants can easily integrate both gift card purchases/use and loyalty programs into their existing restaurant POS systems.

For restaurateurs, each app and integration offer unique perks and features, helping you craft an ideal loyalty program for the needs of your guests. With deeper reporting statistics, and the ability to customize discounts and rewards from within the POS interface, there’s no reason you can’t mold your loyalty program into something resonant and engaging for your specific customer base.

And there’s a good reason that you will want to—it’s those loyalty and rewards programs that turn one-off customers into lifelong regulars who keep coming back to your fine establishment again and again.

Easily interface with food delivery apps.

Everyone is familiar with UberEats, BiteSquad and DoorDash, but there are a number of apps that enable practically any restaurant to offer a delivery option with the tap of an app. With a POS system like Uperve’s, integration with practically any delivery app is a breeze.

Gone are the days of accidentally overwhelming your kitchen with a flood of online orders in addition to everything happening in house. Now you’ll be able to track and manage everything in one place, which makes every part of the process, like tracking inventory, so much easier than before.

Using social media apps for your restaurant.

Much like the food delivery apps mentioned above, the best thing about a cloud-based POS system is that it operates on the same hardware that social media apps do—a tablet. With just a click of an app you can swiftly and easily post the newest special you’ve just developed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and start drumming up interest.

Social media is also one of the central ways that restaurants communicate with their customers, so the more streamlined you can be with that communication, the better. If you’re posting about a food special that day, you can easily copy over the description that’s housed in your cloud-based POS system and into whichever social media platform you prefer. Making sure your restaurant stays social has never been easier.

If you feel your POS is lacking a little extra “something” to help engage customers and make your life easier, check out the Upserve Marketplace to see if an app integration can turn your restaurant POS into something entirely more helpful for your restaurant.

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