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The point of sale system is the digital nerve center of every restaurant. And savvy owners know that by putting a mobile POS into the hands of their wait staff, they can elevate their guests’ dining experience and increase their bottom line at the same time.

If you’re still unsure about embracing this new technology, take a look at how an iPad POS can add value to your establishment.


Save Time

With a handheld POS machine, servers no longer have to run back and forth to the central POS system to enter orders, make changes, or add drinks. Instead, wait staff interact with guests and field questions at the table while sending the order in real time, so meals and drinks arrive faster. Another advantage of a handheld restaurant POS is quick tableside checkout. The server can split checks, process payments, and deliver receipts right at the table without making the customer wait. The customers will walk out with a good memory of your establishment’s smooth and speedy checkout process!

Go Mobile

A handheld POS terminal unshackles wait staff from the central ordering machine. Instead, servers carry a handheld POS terminal everywhere with them so they can take orders and accept payments from any table in the restaurant. This gives them more time to concentrate on what matters most: your guests.


Increase Sales

It’s been shown that using handheld POS machines turn tables at a faster rate than stationary terminals. And the faster you can turn tables, the more guests you can serve, especially at peak hours. And the more guests you serve, the higher the sales, the bigger the overall tips, and the happier the staff.

Put more information in the hands of staff

A handheld restaurant POS puts information in the hands of the servers where it matters most: the table. With a mobile POS, servers can tell in the middle of the ordering process if a menu item is out of stock and respond immediately with an alternate suggestion. They can also look up meal ingredients to determine if it contains any allergens that a guest needs to avoid. A handheld restaurant POS helps your wait staff make the most out of every tableside interaction and customize every customer’s dining experience.


A handheld restaurant POS puts information in the hands of the servers where it matters most: the table.


Enhance the guest experience

A handheld restaurant POS enhances the guest experience at every stage of the meal. Imagine this scenario in your establishment: the server takes the order at the table, including add-on items and special dietary requests. The order is then sent to the kitchen in real time, so the guests receive their meals sooner, with fewer mistakes. When the guests finish their meals and request the bill, the server arrives at the table with the mobile POS in hand, ready to split the check if needed and swipe their credit cards. The guests tip, sign, and choose a method of receiving the receipt right on the handheld POS terminal, without having to wait as the server runs back and forth to a central POS machine.

With a handheld restaurant POS, you can take your guests’ dining experience to the next level, and be well on your way to turning one-time customers into regulars.

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