Payroll providers who serve small- and medium-size businesses fill a wide variety of roles for their clients. As Bruce Patz, owner of Advantage Payroll Services, describes it, “My clients are masters of their crafts. They went into business to make outstanding food, source the world’s best coffees or offer top-notch dog training, not to become accountants.”

“Local business owners trust service providers like us to point them to the products and services that will help them run their businesses successfully,” he explains. That’s a big responsibility, but members of the Upserve Partner Network are up to the task. Upserve works with industry experts like Bruce to help  local businesses across the U.S. connect item, service and customer intelligence to build sales. The program is set up with both partners and clients in mind, creating a smooth transition from recommendation to demonstration using a consultative sales process.

We have a 100% retention rate on our customers who use Upserve. Every last one of them has thanked us for recommending such a valuable product.

Why would a leading payroll expert like Bruce Patz choose to partner with Upserve? “Upserve offers our customers insights into their businesses that they can’t get anywhere else. We’d be crazy NOT to recommend it,” he says. There’s also the matter of the 100% retention rate that Advantage Payroll Services enjoys with clients who use Upserve, in addition to the recurring revenue stream that they earn as members of the Upserve Partner Network.

Find out exactly how Bruce and his team are using Upserve to grow their business and build trust with clients in Upserve’s new “Partnering For Success” case study.


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