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Restaurateurs measure success day by day, shift by shift. But the lack of information and inability to connect the dots between what’s going to happen during an upcoming shift, and how they can prepare can leave staff frazzled, shorting on meals, and ultimately missing opportunities to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Part of the challenge is that today, the restaurant POS system doesn’t speak with the reservations and waitlist system. Without this seamless connection, it’s difficult to understand what to expect and how to best staff and prepare your team to meet and exceed guest expectations.

That’s why Upserve and Resy have partnered to bridge the gap between guest, POS, and reservation data and give you insights to make smarter decisions leading up to and throughout the shift.

It’s like having a crystal ball for the restaurant.

The Resy integration with Upserve gives restaurants the ability to improve the experience of incoming guests, streamline table management, and put their team in the best position to deliver an exceptional guest experience during the upcoming shift.


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The integration leverages artificial intelligence to forecast predicted covers using reservations from Resy and guest menu preferences combined with a variety of factors including historical covers, weather, and the day of the year so your staff can prepare and deliver exceptional hospitality, every night.

See into the future with Upserve’s Shift Prep email

  • Know who’s coming in by understanding VIPs and reservations on a personal level with detailed insights on their previous dining experiences to help deliver that VIP treatment.
  • Hold a more effective, focused pre-shift meeting letting staff prepare to deliver the best hospitality experience to every guest.
  • Inspire confidence knowing about any last-minute reservations, anticipated dining room issues, or 86’d item concerns for the kitchen before it becomes a problem.
  • Ensure you’re properly staffed for the night’s rush or adjust scheduling to maximize labor costs.

Streamline front-of-house productivity with Table Status updates

  • See real-time status updates for each table at the restaurant, so you’ll have a better indication for setting guest expectations with accurate wait list times.
  • Seat guests faster by knowing which tables are turning and which will take longer.
  • Improve front-of-house efficiency by not having staff roam the floor checking on tables.

You can read more about the partnership here.

Interested in taking advantage of the Resy integration? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn how to get started.


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