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Hoskins brings over 17 years of software IT experience to the restaurant management solution.

Providence, RI – November 2, 2018 – Leveraging it’s big data roots, Upserve has built a best-in-class restaurant management solution to help over 10,000 restaurants grow their margins, run more efficiently, and provide better hospitality for their guests. Over nine years, Upserve has continually worked to improve our products and services through acquisitions like restaurant POS system Breadcrumb and inventory tool SimpleOrder, the opening of a Denver office dedicated to customer success, and hiring the best talent to help us scale our growth like new CMO Andrea Kayal and EVP of Sales Kyle Johnson.

In our next phase of growth and service, we are excited to announce that we will be joined by a new CEO: Sheryl Hoskins.

“I’m thrilled to be joining such a high-growth, ambitious, and truly talented team at Upserve,” said Sheryl, who spent the last six years at the ACTIVE Network, a former Vista portfolio company now owned by Global Payments. “14.7 million Americans work in the food service industry and Upserve has a unique opportunity to make their lives easier and drive more profits for the small business owners that make up 90% of our customer base. To me, that’s an incredibly unique and exciting opportunity.”

Outgoing CEO Angus Davis, who founded the company, will stay on as a strategic advisor to the Upserve board. “It’s been my honor to lead Upserve since the inception of the company,” said Davis, “Sheryl brings a unique skill set and experience to lead the company through its next phase growth.”  

Her first weeks on the job have comprised mostly of conversations with Upserve’s customers – learning where the company does well and where we need to improve. “Without our customers there’s no company,” said Sheryl. “I want to learn from them about the industry, their restaurants, their background so it can help me and the team make informed decisions. All of them want us to win. They want us to succeed bc they know they will succeed too. They see this as a partnership–our success is their success.”

The exciting opportunities in the large and growing restaurant market are what initially drew Sheryl to Upserve. “I want Upserve to be the premiere solution for restaurants, and we do that by fulfilling the dreams people have around their businesses,” she said. “There’s a lot of opportunity to help these restaurants thrive.”

Sheryl’s career has spanned 17 years of software IT, particularly at businesses where the software served as the system of record for an organization. “Having a mindset and methodology of building software customers find value in is important,” she said. “I haven’t worked in applications that are nice-to-haves.”

Despite skyrocketing to success in the software world, Sheryl’s career began in food service at age 15. “I told my children that their first job has to be in a restaurant. I want them to know it’s really hard work and have an appreciation for that,” she said. “It’s not easy to run a restaurant and all the work it takes to be successful and profitable.” A Chicago-native, Sheryl has managed teams all over the world, spending the first decade of her career at General Electric and McKesson Corp, where she held domestic and international leadership roles primarily in marketing, product management, and pricing. She holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as an MBA in Marketing, and is a US Army veteran.

About Upserve

Upserve is the magic ingredient that helps restaurateurs thrive, putting everything they need in one place. In a single platform, Upserve offers the market-leading cloud point of sale for restaurants: Breadcrumb POS by Upserve; actionable analytics through Upserve HQ; transparent processing with Upserve Payments; automated inventory and ordering with Upserve Inventory; mobile restaurant management with Upserve Live, and seamless integration with leading third-party restaurant apps via the Upserve Marketplace. Over 10,000 restaurants use Upserve to manage relationships with more than 57 million active diners, process over $12 billion in annual sales, and serve over 36 million meals per month. Upserve is headquartered in Providence with additional offices in Denver, New York City, Chicago and Tel Aviv.