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Three months ago, Upserve launched our revenue management platform to help local merchants accept payments, track customers and grow revenue. Today, I am proud to announce Upserve is managing $1,000,000 in sales each week on behalf of our local merchant partners.

Why It Matters

While today marks an important milestone for our business, it’s even more significant for yours.

Upserve’s revenue management platform doesn’t merely process payments, it helps local business grow sales with valuable analytics, loyalty and marketing tools.

Processing payments is important, and Upserve excels at it. Our service works with the hundreds of leading point of sale systems our merchants already own, and with every credit and debit card consumers already use to pay. Funds are deposited to merchant accounts next day, and our pricing is simple: zero incremental cost above old-fashioned processors.

But Upserve’s revenue management platform does more than simply process payments. It helps local businesses grow sales, with tools big brands and Internet retailers have had for years. Traditionally these tools were out of reach of local merchants who lacked the capital, technology sophistication or time to use them. But now with Upserve, merchants can grow sales to open that next location or launch a new product. Our merchant partners are the neighborhood spots that bring our community together. This is what we’re passionate about too.

What’s Up Next

We roll out new product innovations each week, telling you more about your customers and new marketing tools that help turn good customers into great ones – automatically.

For example, our new weather insights will show how the rain can impact your sales, and our new repeat customer insights show the percentage of business coming from new vs. repeat customers.

Using that information, you can take immediate action. With the click of a button, reach your customers online to pull them in on a rainy day or incentivize them to join your loyalty program. And unlike traditional online marketing tools, there is no guesswork, because results are tracked through to the real sales that convert in your offline business, right down to the penny.

We’ll continue to deliver more value and innovation like this in the months ahead.

A Thank You

Finally, thank you to the Upserve merchants who helped make our first 90 days so successful. We are honored to have earned your trust and we are committed to your success.

Merchants on Upserve include many leading restaurants, boutiques, salons and other small businesses in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, Providence, RI and beyond.

To new merchants just discovering Upserve, learn more by watching our video or contact us to see if Upserve may be a fit for your business, and check out a representative sampling of some of pioneering businesses using Upserve:

  • The Plant/Cafe Organic, San Francisco – Local technologists teamed up to bring every corner of the Bay Area access to organic, healthy and fast food at reasonable prices.
  • The Lobster Place, New York City – Chief Fishmonger, Ian, took the reins of his parents’ business to bring Maine seafood to hundreds of restaurants and thousands of households in Gotham City.
  • Somers Pubs, Boston – For 50 years, John Joe Somers and his family have run the best six Irish pubs in Boston (that’s saying a lot since it’s heralded as the capital of Irish America!).

Upserve manages $1mm in sales every week


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