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I once asked a bar manager to pick one thing he wished all restaurant POS systems did better.

“Shorten the learning curve,” he said.

It was a succinct and poignant answer. Restaurants face a number of unique challenges, and high among them is employee turnover. So, naturally the need to train — and retrain and train again — is a regular concern within the restaurant. And, restaurants are demanding that training on the POS become easier, faster and less disruptive.

We get it.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the availability of Training Mode for Upserve POS (included in today’s release of Upserve POS version 2.11 in the Apple App Store).

Training Mode makes it easier to train staff to use all the features of the restaurant POS using your own menu and data without messing up your reporting or disrupting service.

Training mode is designed to:

  • Help new restaurateurs and staff get up to speed on Upserve POS
  • Provide hands-on practice for new hires
  • Give seasoned staff a way to learn about new features and capabilities

Here’s why you’re going to love Training Mode:

  • Transactions are not included in reporting.
  • Payments are not processed, so new servers can practice workflows like swiping credit cards, splitting checks, comps, voids, splitting payments and using a signature on screen.
  • Training Mode can be turned on for a single or multiple terminals, allowing for training when you need to, without disrupting service on the floor.
  • It’s easy to access. Tap a tile on the home screen to enter. Tap the training bar to exit.
  • Descriptive pop-ups walk employees through features specific to their role, so there’s no need to supervise or shadow someone at the POS to learn the basics.

We also recommend that you check out the training tracks on our support site, by having your team practice the tasks in the appropriate track.

Training Mode is an example of how we are shortening the learning curve by providing a restaurant POS with greater mobility, ease of use and advanced features.

Training Mode is available to all Upserve customers running version 2.11 or higher. Want to learn more? Check out our support article.


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Sharath is a product manager at Upserve. When he's not building awesome products at work, he is constantly thinking about where to eat this weekend. His current favorite? Little Donkey in Cambridge, MA.
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